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Janowski: Wagner – Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (24/96 FLAC)

Janowski: Wagner - Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (24/96 FLAC)
Janowski: Wagner – Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (24/96 FLAC)


Composer: Richard Wagner
Performer: Albert Dohmen, Georg Zeppenfeld, Michael Smallwood, Sebastian Noack, Dietrich Henschel, Tuomas Pursio, Jorg Schorner, Thomas Ebenstein, Thorsteen Scharnke, Tobias Berndt, Hans-Peter Scheidegger, Hyung-Wook Lee, Robert Dean Smith, Peter Sonn, Edith Haller, Michelle Breedt, Matti Salminen, Rundfunkchor Berlin
Orchestra: Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin
Conductor: Marek Janowski
Number of Discs: 4
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Pentatone
Catalogue: PTC5186402
Release: 2012
Size: 4.23 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg
CD 01
01. Act I: Prelude
02. Act I: Da zu dir der Heiland kam (Chorus)
03. Act I: Verweilt! Ein Wort! (Walther, Eva, Magdalene, David)
04. Act I: David, was stehst? (Apprentices, David, Walther)
05. Act I: Mein Herr! der Singer Meister-Schlag (David, Walther)
06. Act I: Der Meister Ton’ und Weisen (David, Walther, Apprentices)
07. Act I: Seid meiner Treue wohl versehen (Pogner, Beckmesser, Walther, Sachs, Vogelsang, Nachtigall)
08. Act I: Zu einer Freiung und Zunftberatung (Kothner, Pogner, Vogelsang, Ortel, Zorn, Nachtigall, Moser, Apprentices, David, Eisslinger, Foltz, Schwarz)
09. Act I: Nicht doch, ihr Meister (Pogner, Kothner, Apprentices, Sachs, Beckmesser)
10. Act I: Vielleicht schon ginget ihr zu weit (Sachs, Kothner, Beckmesser, Vogelgesang, Nachtigall, Pogner)
11. Act I: Dacht’ ich mir’s doch! (Beckmesser, Kothner, Pogner, Nachtigall, Sachs)
12. Act I: Am stillen Herd in Winterszeit (Walther, Sachs, Beckmesser, Kothner, Vogelsang, Nachtigall)
13. Act I: Nun, Meister, wenn’s gefallt (Kothner, Walther, Beckmesser)
14. Act I: Was euch zum Liede Richt’ und Schnur (Kothner, Walther, Beckmesser)
15. Act I: Fur dich, Geliebte, sei’s getan – Fanget an! (Walther, Kothner, Beckmesser, Pogner, Ortel, Foltz, Moser, Nachtigall, Vogelsang, Zorn)
16. Act I: Halt, Meister! Nicht so geeilt! (Sachs, Beckmesser, Nachtigall, Kothner, Pogner, Apprentices)

CD 02
01. Act II Scene 1: Johannistag! Johannistag! (Apprentices, David, Magdalene, Sachs)
02. Act II: Lass seh’n, ob Meister Sachs zu Haus? (Pogner, Eva, Magdalene, Sachs, David)
03. Act II: Was duftet doch der Flieder (Sachs)
04. Act II: Gut’n Abend, Meister! (Eva, Sachs, Magdalene)
05. Act I: Das dacht’ ich wohl! (Sachs, Magdalene, Eva, Pogner)
06. Act II: Da ist er! (Eva, Magdalene, Walther)
07. Act II: Geliebter, spare den Zorn (Eva, Magdalene, Walther, Night-watchman)
08. Act II: Uble Dinge, die ich da merk (Sachs, Walther, Eva, Night-watchman)
09. Act II: Jerum! Jerum! (Sachs, Beckmesser, Walther, Eva)
10. Act II: Den Tag seh’ ich erscheinen (Beckmesser, Sachs)
11. Act II: Mit den Schuhen ward ich fertig schier (Sachs, Beckmesser, David, Chorus, Magdalene, Apprentices, Pogner, Walther, Night-watchman)

CD 03
01. Act III: Prelude
02. Act III: Gleich, Meister! Hier! (David, Sachs)
03. Act III: Wahn! Wahn! Uberall Wahn! (Sachs)
04. Act III: Gruss’ Gott, mein Junker! (Sachs, Walther)
05. Act III: Morgenlich leuchtend in rosigem Schein (Walther, Sachs)
06. Act III: Ein Werbelied! (Beckmesser, Sachs)
07. Act III: Das Gedicht? Hier liess ich’s (Sachs, Beckmesser)
08. Act III: Sieh’ Ev’chen! Dacht’ ich doch, wo sie blieb’! (Sachs, Eva, Walther)
09. Act III: Hat man mit dem Schuhwerk nicht seine Not! (Sachs, Eva)
10. Act III: Mein Kind, von Tristan und Isolde (Sachs)

CD 04
01. Act III: Die selige Morgentraum – Deutweise (Sachs)
02. Act III: Selig, wie die Sonne (Eva, Magdalene, Walther, David, Sachs)
03. Act III: Sankt Crispin, lobet ihn! (Chorus, Apprentices)
04. Act III: Ihr tanzt? Was werden die Meister sagen? (David, Apprentices, Chorus)
05. Act III: Wacht auf! Es nahet gen den Tag (Chorus)
06. Act III: Euch macht ihr’s leicht (Sachs, Pogner, Beckmesser, Kothner, Chorus, Apprentices)
07. Act III: Morgen ich leuchte in rosigem Schein (Beckmesser, Chorus, Kothner, Nachtigall, Vogelsang, Ortel, Foltz, Sachs, Apprentices)
08. Act III: Morgenlich leuchtend im rosigen Schein (Walther, Chorus, Sachs, Pogner, Eva)
09. Act III: Verachtet mir die Meister nicht (Sachs, Chorus)
10. Act III: Ehrt eure deutschen Meister (Chorus)

We are delighted to announce the second release in the Complete Wagner Edition. It is a unique project with all Wagner’s operas being performed by the same forces. The first release, Flying Dutchman (PTC5186400) was a Gramophone Editor’s Choice.

In anticipation of the 200th anniversary of Richard Wagner’s birth, Marek Janowski and the Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra embarked on an ambitious project to record the ten major music dramas for PentaTone; the recording of Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg was made on June 3, 2011, as a concert performance without costumes or staging, the better to concentrate all energies on the music. This is a stunning package, presented on four hybrid multichannel SACDs in a thick hardcover book that is replete with background notes and the libretto. Janowski has distinguished himself with his previous releases with this audiophile label, and his reading of Meistersinger is entirely at the service of the score, without any idiosyncrasies or novelties, and the orchestra plays with equal seriousness and dedication. The experienced cast is captivating and the singers audibly inhabit their roles, even without the benefit of a full production. Especially noteworthy is the charismatic singing by the leads, tenor Robert Dean Smith as Walther von Stolzing, soprano Edith Haller as Eva, baritone Albert Dohmen as Hans Sachs, and tenor Peter Sonn as David, who embody the most appealing of Wagner’s characters. The sound is superb, offering close-up microphone placement for the vocalists, but also ample coverage of the orchestra and choir, so the illusion of being physically present is quite successful, especially when the music is heard over headphones. For newcomers, this is an excellent introduction to Wagner and to Die Meistersinger, and it is sure to win many admirers, even among connoisseurs who already own a cherished version.

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