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  1. maestro_digital04

    Is it possible to also post the FLAC FILES for this set?
    Would be must ultra and mega appreciated!!

  2. 1. Shostakovich – Symphony No. 13 (Kurt Masur, New York Philharmonic) [Teldec]
    2. Mozart – Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Flute & Harp Concerto, Sinfonia Concertante (Cristoph von Dohnanyi, Cleveland Orchestra) [Decca]

  3. maestro_digital04

    Request as issued at 96K or so I have seen
    Sibelius Symphonies No 1 -7 with Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic from 2015 96K version
    Highly reviewed
    Thank you if avialable

  4. maestro_digital04

    Alexander Sladkovsky Tchaikovsky Six Symphonies and other works…..I don’t think it is in a box.
    But after hearing the Shostakovich Symphonies you guys posted would like to hear his Tchaikovsky Orchestral works.
    Thanks…..I don’t think they are in 96K so regular flac is fine.

  5. maestro_digital04

    So of the many versions of the Furtwangler Rings, one that is often mentioned is the
    March-April 1950 cycle of Furtwangler’s Ring,
    not to be confused with the one on EMI.
    Would be great to hear those four RING OPERAS here. I know that’s a big ASK…..
    so whenever, or just even a source reference would be most appreciated.

  6. maestro_digital04

    I have recently been recommended the incredible recordings of harpsichordist
    Mahan Esfahani , I see one here which is on ths list, but since this is on one of those labels that does not like streaming sites, wonder if there are a few more handy. thanks

      1. maestro_digital04

        Mega Thanks for the quick turn around on this…..after his Toccatas landed in my hard drive about a month ago, I had to hear other things on “that label that does not stream.”

  7. maestro_digital04

    The Alexander Sladkovsky set of Shostakovich Symphonies posted here is spine tingling….Not to be missed. So there is also a set of complete concertos, and a friend told me the second cello concerto is also a thriller. So if anyone has that Shostakovich Concerto set…..I would be very grateful. It does not appear on a stream, unless I missed it. Thanks!

      1. maestro_digital04

        Made my day, thank you for locating these, as they are nearly impossible to find as downloads. Some sites list the CDs only for purchase, but I am in location currently that makes it quite difficult to import CDs, so I download only at this point. So this is much appreciated.

  8. maestro_digital04

    Thanks for the effort, I think this one may be bit harder to find than some of the more mainstream releases. But this conductor is a new discovery for me and his performances of Russian Repertoire are always special. He has a Rachmaninoff set as well, which I am listening to on Qobuz.

  9. maestro_digital04

    Here more a personal recommendation than a request, since I have access to this set
    The Smetana Quartet Set of the Beethoven String Quartets issued at 192K I think would be appreciated by more than one….(they are on Qobuz as well).
    I was listening to the wonderful Juilliard set at 96 this afternoon and the suggestion came to mind.

  10. maestro_digital04

    Enrico Dindo recording of the two Shostakovich Cello Concertos in 96K with Noseda Conducting from an old 2012 Chandos Release. Rather special recording.

  11. maestro_digital04

    There was a briefly available recording of GRAINGER’S: THE WARRIERS in 96K or some high resolution format. I think it may have been Gardiner on CD coupled with Holst Planets. If this or any HIRES version of The Warriers can be found, it would be much appreciated, as this work is a real blockbuster and would sound even better in full hires sound. THANKS

  12. maestro_digital04

    Basic info request: using Foobar to play SACD. Since I always use FOOBAR, and you list foobar as an option, I installed the SACD and DSD add on to try to play SACD/DSD format items. It works but I am only getting a 44100 playback in foobar….I thought it might be as high as 192000 but I am not familiar with DSD format….do I need to do additional conversion to hires flac or is this already hires in the DSD world

      1. maestro_digital04

        Thanks, I realized that since I am using USB out to my DAC, FOOBAR detects which DAC I am outputting to and adjusts the playback accordingly….SO since I do not have DSD on my older DAC I need to replace it with the newest CAMBRIDGE DAC or convert the files to FLAC 96 or 192. The file properties show the full rate of the actual file 2822400hz. SO I know they downloaded correctly. So I will find a good file conversion program, but these still sound pretty darn good!

          1. Thanks for the foobar tips, I got the add ons to work and found the custom settings and am now playing back in full res. Next step, load a flash drive to my oppo and try the multichannel tracks…THANKS AGAIN

  13. maestro_digital04

    I mentioned elsewhere in passing how much I am enjoying the SACD downloads of Kitayenko Shostakoich symphonies in hires….appreciate this so much,.

    there was also a cycle of Prokofiev Symphonies on SACD, which would be great to hear at 96 or 192 or SACD download if possible. I saw they were issued on SACD but severel years ago.

    Sorry for the duplicate request but I though it a good idea to post on the actual request section

  14. Request
    from the ONYX Label HiDef at 96K
    Cello Concerto No. 2 in C Minor, Op. 77 with Prokofiev Cello Sonata
    Andrew Litton / Dmitry Kabalevsky
    Andrew Litton, Conductor
    Dmitry Kabalevsky, Composer
    Leonard Elschenbroich, MainArtist
    Nederlands Philharmonisch Orkest, Orchestra
    IF you happen to find this, much appreciated.

      1. Many thanks for this version of what I think may be Kabalevsky’s best work. Very fine in CD quality, and I am looking forward to comparing with the other versions.

  15. This is high recommendation!
    Paul Lewis on Harmonia Mundi (which does not have complete titles to stream) made four recordings of Schubert Piano Sonatas (not complete as far as I can tell) but samples are at 96K on streams
    Catalogue No: HMN911755
    Catalogue No: HMC902115/16
    Catalogue No: HMC902136/37
    Catalogue No: HMC902165/66
    I think these would be of special interest since I see you have a number of his other recordings. THANKS for taking the recommendation

      1. Thank you for considering my recommendation. These were highly reviewed and I actually have them, but realize others will really appreciate these particular performances. Which are on a label that does not stream complete releases. So this is a great way to hear them first. Thanks again.

      2. Just saw the Paul Lewis albums posted….and even MORE!!! Thanks again. These will be appreciated by many others here I hope. I will provide comments in the download section. These Schubert Sonata performances are special!

  16. A couple additional requests this time pianist Stephen Hough

    Two from Stephen Hough
    Liszt: Années de pèlerinage, Suisse – album download
    Format: CD Quality FLAC
    Label: Hyperion
    Catalogue No: CDA67424

     Liszt: Sonata, Ballades & Polonaises – album download
    Format: CD Quality FLAC
    Label: Hyperion
    Catalogue No: CDA67085

    Would be great if they can be found.


  17. Good morning and thanks again for the prompt restart. A recommendation:
    Andras Schiff complete Schubert Sonatas have been reissued as a BOX! I think folks would enjoy it here….THANKS for your consideration
    Schubert: Piano Sonatas; Impromptus

    András Schiff – Composer: Franz Schubert
    Complete Sonatas and Piano Works
    Released by Decca Music Group Ltd. on January 1, 2011
    9 CD set on Decca

      1. Incredible…that was so fast. I am working my way through the Schubert Piano Sonatas comparing key cycles. And of course Schiff was one of the major cycles so it is great to have this one here. THANKS!

  18. Request HiRes version if possible?

    Lutoslawski: Concerto for orch. – Brahms: Piano Quartet, Op.25
    Miguel Harth-Bedoya – Composer: Various Composers
    Released by harmonia mundi on April 1, 2016
    Issued in hi res but maybe not full 96K

  19. REQUEST:
    I would like to request the SACD (or HiRes 96K OR 192k) version of the Kitayenko Prokofiev Symphonies BOX SET. It was issued about ten years ago but I have seen the SACD set at on line stores. Pardon the second request, but the first one was buried in comments about the Shostakovich set, and probably didn’t come up as a request. THANKS again

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