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  1. maestro_digital04

    A special request, if you can possibly get the following in HiRes? You have the original issue which is great, but WARNER later did really nice remastering of this
    Original from EMI 1968 and remasterd 2015 or 18
    Des Knaben Wunderhorn:
    George Szell / Gustav Mahler
    Walter Legge, Producer
    Gustav Mahler, Composer
    Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau, FeaturedArtist, Bass-Baritone Vocals
    Elisabeth Schwarzkopf, Soprano Vocals, FeaturedArtist
    London Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra
    George Szell, Conductor, MainArtist

  2. Just saw the Blandine Verlet Box which has her earler Goldbergs
    would like to hear the later one which I think is more well thought out and less “mannered.” It has been out for many years, so I hope it can be found.
    Variations Goldberg, BWV 988 : Variations Goldberg BWV988: Aria I
    Blandine Verlet / Johann Sebastian Bach
    Blandine Verlet, Hemsch Harpsichord 1751
    Johann Sebastian Bach, compositeur
    1993 naïve 1993 naïve

      1. maestro_digital04

        Thanks you so much. I invite everyone who downloaded the BOX SET to compare the Goldberg Variations THERE with this later performance HERE. Would like to hear everyone’s thoughts! Both a great but quite different! Interesting!

    1. REQUEST

      The SACD version of Enescu Sympohony no 3 on Ondine with Lintu conducting. You actually HAVE Symphonies no 1 and 2 in SACD format already posted, great material for the HiRes world. Thanks for that. Looking forward to completing the cycle.

    2. Request and recommendation. Interesting reissue releasing Nov 26 on Erato
      The complete Saint-Saens Piano Concertos in a classic performance by
      Jeanne-Marie Darre
      with Louis Fourestier conducting
      Release date Nov 26 2021

        1. maestro_digital04

          UPDATE: This may have many of those infamous region restrictions (which I hate), and may currently be part of a huge Saint-Saens box, in which case I would rather my other two requests get priority. THANKS! It has not yet appeared as far as I can tell. Thanks

          1. maestro_digital04

            Greatest performance ever I think of the FIVE SS as a SET! Thanks for finding this issue. I cannot imagine the newly issued ERATO is much different, but it does not seem to have appeared yet on the usual sites. Appreciate this immensely. EVERYONE check this out!

        2. these sound interesting

          SCHUBERT 8.Symphony (completed) – Venzago BASEL (SONY)
          Danse macabre various – Nagano Montreal (SONY)
          MAHLER 3.Symphony – Nagano DSO/RSO Berlin (WARNER + ELATUS)

          and some more WAGNER
          WAGNER Der RING – Boulez Bayreuth (PHILIPS )
          WAGNER Der RING – Barenboim Bayreuth (WARNER)

          and brand new releases
          BRUCKNER 6 + 8 Symphony – Poschner Linz (CAPRICCIO)

            1. maestro_digital04

              There’s a five CD set by this group that is my next request whenever you can locate it,thanks. They have one one of the best performances of the Schubert Trios ever recorded.

              Trio di Trieste – The Complete recordings on Deutsche Grammophon (Set)
              Trio Di Trieste – Composer: Various Composers
              Released by Deutsche Grammophon GmbH, Hamburg on January 1, 2004
              5 CDs

              1. Maybe you also have the Beethoven Quartets with the Emerson String Quartet?
                I once had them as CDs on the shelf, but must have lent them out and never got them back. One should make a note of something like that.

              2. I have been looking for a long time to get Fritz Wunderlich’s recording of “Beethoven: An die ferne Geliebte, Op.98”, it was a coupling with some Händel and Richard Strauss Lieder

              3. maestro_digital04

                As a follow up to the previous requestors New York Philharmonic Queries?
                I see some have subsequently appeared (and quite recently) on Qobuz.

                I would like to request, in HiRes please, En Saga, with Symphony no 7
                En Saga, Op. 9
                Alan Gilbert / Jean Sibelius
                Alan Gilbert, Conductor, MainArtist
                New York Philharmonic, Orchestra, MainArtist
                Jean Sibelius, Composer
                (C) 2016 The Philharmonic- Symphony Society of New York Inc (P) 2016 New York Philharmoni

              4. maestro_digital04

                This is a very specific request since this was recorded by the same conductor three times (at least!). And I am looking for the Deutsche Grammophon SACD or at least HiRes audio, as I have seen reference to this in HiRes but unable to find it. I have the regular CD but the sonics are so SPECTACULAR that I really want to run it through my audio system in HiRes! Thanks
                Mahler: Symphony No. 2 conducted by Gilbert Kaplan
                Latonia Moore – Composer: Gustav Mahler
                Released by Deutsche Grammophon (DG) on January 1, 2003

                1. Wow, and thanks so much for tracking down THIS one . Kaplan recorded it three times, (I think at his own expense), but the sound and balances on this one are particularly excellent. Really wanted to hear it in HiRes and the SACD now is very very hard to find. Again thanks for the extra effort and even adding in the other versions as well.

              5. thx for the many beautiful requested recent uploads – and to keep you busy some more:

                BRAHMS Guilini PhilharmoniaOrchestra or Wiener Philharmoniker (EMI – DG)
                BRAHMS Requiem Jansons RCO (RCO LIVE)
                WAGNER Preludes + Overtures Luisi PhilZurich (Accentus)

                MAHLER 2.Symphony Stenz Melbourne SO (ABC Classics)
                MAHLER Orchestral songs Gerhaher Nagano Montreal SO (SONY)
                MAHLER, ZEMLINSKY Lieder Otter Gardiner (DG)
                MAHLER Das Lied von der Erde Kozena Rattle SOBR (BR Klassik-Naxos)
                LOVE and LODGING Kozena Rattle BP (DG)

                Leon Fleisher Plays BRAHMS + BEETHOVEN Szell CO (SONY Classical Masters)

              6. maestro_digital04

                Thanks in advance for finding the following CD with two works with two different conductors
                Haydn St Cecelia Mass (from EMI 2005) together with Schöpfungsmesse
                2CD set.
                Mass in C Major, Hob. XXII/5, “C„cilienmesse”: I. Kyrie, 1. Kyrie eleison (Chorus). Largo – Allegro con spirito
                Sir Neville Marriner/Gerhard Wilhelm / Joseph Haydn
                Gerd Berg, Producer
                Wolfgang Gülich, BalanceEngineer
                Johann-Nikolaus Matthes, Producer
                Joseph Haydn, Composer
                Stuttgarter Hymnus-Chorknaben, Chorus
                Gerhard Wilhelm, Conductor
                Ensembleinstrumental Werner Keltsch /Gerhard Wilhelm, MainArtist
                Instrumentalensemble Werner Keltsch, Orchestra
                © 2005 EMI Records Ltd. ℗ 1971

              7. maestro_digital04

                Would be interested in this classic recording of Haydn Seasons,
                it is an older recording but might have HiRes version ….but whatever/

                Joseph Haydn : Les Saisons
                René Jacobs – Composer: Joseph Haydn
                Released by harmonia mundi on July 31, 2007

              8. maestro_digital04

                I just noticed that my previous request for Telemann Suites is now up. THANKS. I am just thinking that the request page must be in the update process right at this moment, I will check back later for other requests.

              9. maestro_digital04

                another Fricsay set?
                Thank you again for the three box set posted a few months ago, but now I find there is a ANOTHER DIFFERENT compilation, which includes the Classic performance of HaydN THE SEASONS!
                Here it is!
                Ferenc Fricsay: A Life In Music

                Ferenc Fricsay – Composer: Various Composers
                Released by Deutsche Grammophon (DG) on January 1, 2003

                1. maestro_digital04

                  Many thanks again for tracking this down! I know you have been getting more requests than average the past few weeks, so I certainly appreciate it. More soon! Best regards always!

              10. I could not find these recordings on CD – I guess they are only avail as downloads on the orchestra’s and prestomusic’s sites:

                MAHLER Symphonies 2,3,5,7,9 Gilbert NY PHILHARMONIC

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