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You request – we upload.

515 thoughts on “Requests”

  1. Hi Whatever,

    Here are some more older requested releases I am looking for, all on the ORFEO’D OR Label, some only availble as downloads:

    BEETHOVEN 2,7 Symphonies Böhm Wiener Philharmoniker
    BRAHMS Symphonies 1-4 Kubelik BRSO
    MOZART 40, BRAHMS 2 Symphonies Keilberth BRSO
    BEETHOVEN Pianoconcerts 1,4 Gulda Wiener Symphoniker
    DVORAK, BRAHMS Violinconcert Szeryng Kubelik BRSO
    BEETHOVEN Pianoconcerts 1-5 Serkin Kubelik BRSO
    MOZART 9 Pianoconcert, BRAHMS 1 Symphony Gulda Böhm BRSO
    BEETHOVEN 1, BRAHMS 2 Pianoconcerts Anda Kubelik BRSO
    Karajan Concertos for Orchestra Salzburg 1957

    MOZART Requiem (Version Dutron) Jacobs FreiburgerBarockOrchester HARMONIA MUNDI Label
    MOZART Requiem (Version Ostrzyga) Helgath Concerto Köln COVIELLO Label
    MOZART Requiem Guttenberg Klangverwaltung FARAO Label

  2. You have recently released an album from Renata Scotto (after she passed away) – A Farewell, which is just breathtaking good.
    Would it be possible to release the full recordings of I Pagliacci (Scotto, Carreras, Muti)
    La Boheme (Scotto, A. Kraus, Levine) and La Traviata (Scotto, A. Kraus, Muti) and
    the New Years concert 2024 with Thielemann.
    If available of course.
    Thanks in advance and best regards

  3. If there is possibility to upload this recording: Martha Argerich + Maria Solozobova: Magie (Beethoven, Prokofieff) it would be great. Thanks in advance

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