Mendelssohn: The Collection vol.1 (FLAC)

Composer: Felix Mendelssohn Performer: Benjamin Frith, Hugh Tinney, Tianwa Wang, Romain Descharmes, Nicholas Milton, Nina-Margret Grimsdottir, Luca Fiorentini, Stefania Redaelli, Giulio Piovani, Gitti Priner, Eleonore Marguerre, Ulrika Strömstedt, Markus Schäfer, Andra Darzins, Wolfgang Wagner, Benjamin Frith Piano Quartet, Bartholdy Piano Quartet, Danilo Rossi, Fine Arts Quartet, Aurora String Quartet Orchestra:Lossless Download

UPD: 82 – All thanks fly to E.V.!!! UPD: 73,75,75,78,79,81 – All thanks fly to E.V. The concept of The Romantic Piano Concerto series was born at a lunch meeting between Hyperion and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra sometime in 1990. A few months later tentative plans had been madeLossless Download