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Idil Biret: Best of Turkish Piano Music (FLAC)

Idil Biret: Best of Turkish Piano Music (FLAC)
Idil Biret: Best of Turkish Piano Music (FLAC)

Composer: Ulvi Cemal Erkin, Ertuğrul Oğuz Fırat, Çetin Işıközlü, Nevit Kodallı, Ferencz Liszt, Ilhan Mimaroglu, Cemal Reşit Rey, Ahmed Adnan Saygun, Muammer Sun, Ilhan Usmanbas
Performer: Idil Biret, Ruşen Güneş
Orchestra: Cumhurbaşkanlığı Senfoni Orkestrası, Antalya State Symphony Orchestra, İzmir State Symphony Orchestra, Orchestre de l’Association des Concerts Colonne
Conductor: Burak Tüzün, Hikmet Şimşek, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, Rengim Gökmen, Ahmet Adnan Saygun
Number of Discs: 4
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Naxos
Catalogue: 8504058
Release: 2021
Size: 1.13 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01
Saygun: Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 34
01. I. Deciso (Live)
02. II. Andante con moto (Live)
03. III. Allegro assai (Live)

Saygun: 12 Preludes on Aksak Rhythms, Op. 45 (Excerpts)
04. No. 1,
05. No. 2, Vivo
06. No. 3,
07. No. 4,
08. No. 5, Pesante
09. No. 6, Molto vivo

Işıközlü: Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 15
10. I. Moderato – Adagio
11. II. Largo
12. III. Allegro moderato – Scherzo

13. Işıközlü: Ballade, Op. 11
14. Muammer Sun: Country Colours, Book 2

CD 02
Erkin: Piano Concerto
01. I. Allegro (Live)
02. II. Andante (Live)
03. III. Scherzo (Live)
04. IV. Andante – Allegro (Live)

Erkin: Piano Sonata
05. I. Allegro
06. II. Adagio molto sostenuto
07. III. Allegro

Kodallı: Ostinato
08. No. 1, The Village Band
09. No. 2, Elegy for a Broken Toy
10. No. 3, Cannibal Dance
11. No. 4, The Sad Child
12. No. 5, The Happy Child

Usmanbas: 6 Preludes
13. No. 1, Tocatta
14. No. 2, Siciliano
15. No. 3, Praeludia canonica
16. No. 4, Due lirice
17. No. 5,
18. No. 6, Alle francese

19. Mimaroglu: Session

CD 03
01. Rey: Variations on a Theme of an İstanbul Song “Kâtibim”

Pars: Piano Concerto No. 1, Op. 64
02. I. Allegro
03. II. Larghetto
04. III. Allegro

Pars: Viola Sonata, Op. 57
05. I. Allegretto (Live)
06. II. Larghetto espressivo (Live)
07. III. Allegro (Live)

CD 04
Fırat: 6 Movements for Piano, Op. 86
01. I. Ecstatic Black Sea Fisherman
02. II. Scorpion Wedding
03. III. The Wind and the Rose
04. IV. On the Frontier of the Unknown
05. V. Waiting for the Barbarians. Allegro barbaro
06. VI. Delana’s Lament

07. Fırat: A Tribute to Franz Liszt, Op. 77 (An Appeal for a Visionary but Restless Man)
08. Liszt: Grande paraphrase de la marche de Donizetti pour le Sultan Abdul-Medjid Khan, S. 403

‘For well versed insiders of music, Idil Biret is since years a trusted and respected artist… The discipline of her powerful grasp and approach of the music has led, especially for works of the 20th Century, to a stylistic congruence between the written score and the interpretation, that is way outside of the usual norms of conventions which, in the case of Idil Biret, makes us all aware of an outstanding artistic potency of the highest standards of excellence.’ Die Welt

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