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Home » Organ Works » Gerhard Weinberger: Max Reger – Organ Works vol.4 (FLAC)

Gerhard Weinberger: Max Reger – Organ Works vol.4 (FLAC)

Gerhard Weinberger: Max Reger - Organ Works vol.4 (FLAC)
Gerhard Weinberger: Max Reger – Organ Works vol.4 (FLAC)

Composer: Max Reger
Performer: Gerhard Weinberger
Number of Discs: 2
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: CPO
Catalogue: 7777602
Release: 2017
Size: 423 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01
Symphonic Fantasia and Fugue, Op. 57
01. Fantasia
02. Fugue

Sieben Stücke Op. 145
03. No. 1, Trauerode
04. No. 2, Dankpsalm
05. No. 3, Weihnachten
06. No. 4, Passion
07. No. 5, Ostern
08. No. 6, Pfingsten
09. No. 7, Siegesfeier

CD 02
Monologe, Op. 63
01. No. 5, Introduction
02. No. 6, Passacaglia
03. No. 7, Ave Maria

Six Trios Op. 47
04. No. 1, Canon in E Major
05. No. 2, Gigue in D Minor
06. No. 3, Kanzonetta in A Minor
07. No. 4, Scherzo in A Major
08. No. 5, Siciliano in E Minor
09. No. 6, Fugue in C Minor

Suite G minor, Op. 92
10. I. Prelude
11. II. Fugue
12. III. Intermezzo
13. IV. Basso ostinato
14. V. Romanze
15. VI. Toccata
16. VII. Fugue

The Reger Edition continues, following three releases accompanied by rave reviews from the critics. klassik-heute wrote in 2015, ‘In this sumptuous music Gerhard Weinberger turns enthusing technical virtuosity into an audio event. We can eagerly look forward to the other volumes of this complete recording and already certify that this edition will do an outstanding job of initially introducing the Reger beginner to his organ cosmos.’ And Musik & Theater opined in 2016, ‘These discs rank with the best currently available recordings in the field of Reger’s organ music.’ Vol. 4 again features two CDs in the best Surround Sound. The focus is formed by Reger’s op. 57, to which he added the adjective ‘Symphonic’, thereby making it absolutely clear that this work would represent a high point not only in his own organ oeuvre but also in the whole of the organ literature. In his op. 145 collection published in early 1916 – first designated as the ‘Seven Organ Pieces’ in posthumous editions – all the pieces have in common the quotation of chorales corresponding in content to the particular work title. The Introduction and (above all) the Passacaglia in F minor are surely the most outstanding numbers among the twelve pieces constituting his Monologues op. 63.

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