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Carter: Sor – Early Works (24/192 FLAC)

Carter: Sor - Early Works (24/192 FLAC)
Carter: Sor – Early Works (24/192 FLAC)

Composer: Fernando Sor
Performer: William Carter
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Linn Records
Size: 2.05 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Three Minuets Op.11
01. Minuet No.6 in A major: Andante maestoso
02. Minuet No.7 in A minor: Andante
03. Minuet No.8 in A major: Andante con moto
04. Air “Oh Cara armonia” Op.9
05. Menuet in c minor Op.24 No.1

Short Pieces Op.5
06. Menuet in C major No.3
07. Andante Largo No.3

Two Minuets Op.11
08. Minuet No.5 in D major: Andante Maestoso
09. Minuet No.4 in D major: Andante con moto

Studios for the Spanish guitar Op.6
10. No.2 in A major
11. No.8 in C major
12. No.9 in d minor
13. No.11 in E minor
14. No.12 in A major
15. Grand Solo Op.14
16. Menuet in G major Op.3

World-renowned Baroque guitarist William Carter presents an appealing collection of early works by Spanish guitar virtuoso and composer Fernando Sor. Carter believes Sor s guitar music is some of the finest ever written for the instrument. Fernando Sor: Early Works includes three large-scale works, interspersed with shorter pieces, which are charming and intimate with a strong Spanish flavor. Carter employs a performance practice endorsed by Sor himself- playing without fingernails- making this a truly unique recording. Carter s use of his fingertips delivers wider dynamic contrasts and a softer, more subtle sound. This is the premiere recording of Sor s early works to explore this performance practice. Carter s recording is a blend of his incredible knowledge of the instrument and composer, his extensive research and endless hours of perfecting his technique.

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