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Biegel: Cui – 25 Preludes op.64 (APE)

Biegel: Cui - 25 Preludes op.64 (APE)
Biegel: Cui - 25 Preludes op.64 (APE)

Composer: Cesar Cui
Performer: Jeffrey Biegel
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Naxos
Size: 199 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

25 Preludes, Op. 64
01. Prelude No.1 in C major: Allegro maestoso
02. Prelude No.2 in E minor: Moderato assai
03. Prelude No.3 in G major: Allegro
04. Prelude No.4 in B minor: Allegro
05. Prelude No.5 in D major: Allegretto
06. Prelude No.6 in F# minor: Andante
07. Prelude No.7 in A major: Allegro non troppo
08. Prelude No.8 in C# minor: Allegro
09. Prelude No.9 in E major: Andantino
10. Prelude No.10 in G# minor: Allegro non troppo
11. Prelude No.11 in B major: Allegretto
12. Prelude No.12 in Eb minor: Allegretto
13. Prelude No.13 in F# major: Andante
14. Prelude No.14 in Bb minor: moderato
15. Prelude No.15 in Db major: Andantino
16. Prelude No.16 in F minor: Andantino
17. Prelude No.17 in Ab major: Larghetto
18. Prelude No.18 in C minor: Allegretto
19. Prelude No.19 in Eb major: Allegretto
20. Prelude No.20 in G minor: Allegro non troppo
21. Prelude No.21 in Bb major: Allegro
22. Prelude No.22 in D minor: Lento
23. Prelude No.23 in F major: Allegro non troppo
24. Prelude No.24 in A minor: Moderato
25. Prelude No.25 in C major: Allegro non troppo

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  1. I have nothing at all by this man, and now (from Wikipedia) I learn that he was very important in his time. Thanks so much for the chance to hear some of his works!

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