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20th Century Foxtrots vol.2: Germany (24/48 FLAC)

20th Century Foxtrots vol.2: Germany (24/48 FLAC)
20th Century Foxtrots vol.2: Germany (24/48 FLAC)


Composer: Eugene Francis Charles d’Albert, Eduard Bornschein, Siegfried Borris, Max Butting, Eduard Erdmann, Fidelio Fritz Finke, Walter Wilhelm Gieseking, Walter Goehr, Kurt Herbst, Paul Hindemith, Eduard Künneke, Leopold Mittmann, Walter Rudolph Niemann, Bernhard Sekles, Kurt Weill, Stefan Wolpe
Performer: Gottlieb Wallisch
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Grand Piano
Catalogue: GP814
Release: 2020
Size: 562 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Hindemith: Tuttifäntchen – suite
01. VII. Tanz der Holzpuppen. Foxtrot (Version for Piano)

02. Bornschein: Blues (1)

Künneke: Der Vetter aus Dingsda, Op. 13
03. Sieben Jahre lebt’ ich in Batavia (Arr. H.J. Vieth for Piano)

04. Albert: Blues (2)
05. Erdmann: Fox Trot in C Major

Gieseking: 3 Dance Improvisations
06. No. 1, Tempo di Foxtrot
07. No. 2, Schnell
08. No. 3, Tempo di Charleston

Finke: 10 Pieces for Children
09. No. 10, Shimmy

Butting: 15 Short Piano Pieces, Op. 33
10. No. 14, Tango

Mittmann: Concert Jazz-Suite
11. I. Charleston
12. II. Blues
13. III. Hot

14. Herbst: Jazz-Etüde
15. Sekles: Little Shimmy

Niemann: Moderne Tanzsuite, Op. 115
16. I. Blues
17. II. Valse Boston
18. III. Tempo di Charleston
19. IV. Tango
20. V. Negertanz

Wolpe: 6 Klavierstücke, Vol. 1
21. No. 3, Rag-Caprice
22. No. 4, Tango

Weill: The Threepenny Opera
23. Tango-Ballade (Arr. for Piano)

24. Goehr: Fox Trot (Excerpts Arr. for Piano from “David Golder”)
25. Tango (Excerpts Arr. for Piano from “David Golder”)

26. Borris: Quick-Fox (Version for Piano)
27. Borris: Tango (Version for Piano)

Weill: Marie Galante
28. Scène au Dancing [Version for Piano]
29. Tango “Youkali” [Version for Piano]

The first volume in this series traced the inter-war craze for carefree dance music in Austria and the Czech Lands (see GP813). This latest album focuses on Germany where jazz-influenced music flourished from the mid-1920s onwards even in the face of some social, political and racial opposition. Cabarets and dancehalls rejected this nationalist resistance and the Weimar Republic rejoiced in a cross-pollination of symphonic jazz and Kunstjazz – a fusion of dance and classical elements. The many previously unrecorded pieces here chart the progress of this vigorous musical rejuvenation.

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