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20th Century Foxtrots vol.1: Austria & Czechia (24/48 FLAC)

20th Century Foxtrots vol.1: Austria & Czechia (24/48 FLAC)
20th Century Foxtrots vol.1: Austria & Czechia (24/48 FLAC)


Composer: Ralph Benatzky, Julius Bittner, Hanns Eisler, Wilhelm Grosz, Alois Hába, Jaroslav Jezek, Karel Boleslav Jirák, Leopold Krauss-Elka, Ernst Krenek, Bohuslav Martinů, Franz Mittler, Felix Petyrek, Erwin Schulhoff, Jenö Takács, Jaromir Weinberger
Performer: Gottlieb Wallisch
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Grand Piano
Catalogue: GP813
Release: 2020
Size: 520 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Takács: Johnny spielt auf Potpourri
01. No. 3, Shimmy
02. No. 4, Blues
03. No. 5, Tango

Krenek: The Leap over the Shadow, Op. 17
04. Foxtrot (Arr. G. Blasser for Piano)

05. Bittner: Shimmy on the Name ‘Bach’

Benatzky: The 5 Wishes Suite
06. I. Flirt, Slowfox
07. II. L’heure bleue, Boston
08. III. Tango macabre

09. Mittler: Foolish Spring

Grosz: Baby in der Bar, Op. 23
10. Shimmy
11. Tango

12. Krauss-Elka: Thannhäuser-Foxtrot, Op. 33 ‘Song to the Morning Star’
13. Eisler: Shymmy-Tempo
14. Petyrek: Illusion (Foxtrot)
15. Petyrek: Arizona-Foxtrot
16. Jezek: Bugatti-Step (1931)
17. Jezek: Echoes of the Music Hall

Hába: Dances, Op. 39
18. No. 1, Shimmy-Blues
19. No. 2, Blues
20. No. 3, Boston
21. No. 4, Tango

22. Martinů: Foxtrot, H.126bis
23. Martinů: One-Step, H127bis
24. Martinů: Black Bottom, H. 165
25. Jirák: The Kingdom of Heaven (Slow Foxtrot)

Weinberger: Matěj Poctivý
26. City Shimmy

Schulhoff: Suite for Chamber Orchestra
27. II. Valse Boston
28. IV. Shimmy

During the inter-war period, in the cities of the West, a younger generation found ways to enjoy life in the form of dances such as shimmies, foxtrots, tangos and Charlestons: strong rhythms that became a symbol of a carefree and decadent era. The new jazz craze took hold everywhere, and Kreneks opera Jonny spielt auf became an overnight sensation. The inter-war Zeitgeist in Vienna and the Czech lands is reflected in a programme full of première recordings many of which were hits in their day rich with fashionable dynamism, syncopation and joie de vivre.

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