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Wand: Schubert – Symphonies no. 1-9 (5 CD box set, FLAC)

Wand: Schubert - Symphonies no. 1-9 (5 CD box set, FLAC)
Wand: Schubert - Symphonies no. 1-9 (5 CD box set, FLAC)

Composer: Franz Schubert
Orchestra: Kolner Rundfunk-Sinfonie Orchestra, Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Günter Wand
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 5 CD box set
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: RCA Red Seal / BMG
Size: 1.26 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01
Symphony No. 1 in D major D82
1. Adagio-allegro vivace
2. Andante
3. Menuetto:Allegro
4. Allegro vivace

Symphony No. 2 in B flat major D125
5. Largo-allegro vivace
6. Andante
7. Menuetto:Allegro vivace
8. Presto vivace

CD 02
Symphony No. 3 in D major D200
1. Adagio maestoso-allegro con brio
2. Allegretto
3. Menuetto:vivace
4. Presto vivace

Symphony No. 6 in C major D589
5. Adagio-allegro
6. Andante
7. Scherzo:presto
8. Allegro moderato

CD 03
Symphony No. 4 in C minor D417 “Tragic”
1. Adagio molto-allegro vivace
2. Andante
3. Menuett:Allegro vivace
4. Allegro

Symphony No. 8 in B minor D759 Unfinished / Unvollendete
5. Allegro moderato
6. Andante con moto

CD 04
Symphony No. 5 in B flat major D485
1. Allegro
2. Andante con moto
3. Menuett:Allegro molto
4. Allegro vivace

Rosamunde D799
5.Entr’acte no.3 in B flat major
6.Ballet Music no.1 (attaca)
7.Ballet Music no.2

CD 05
Symphony No. 9 in C major D944 “The Great”
1.Andante-Allegro ma non troppo
2.Andante con moto
3.Scherzo:Allegro vivace
4.Finale:Allegro vivace

Intelligent and Passionate Music Making

I am new to Gunter Wand but from what I have heard he was a top notch conductor. I own some DVDs where he conducts some Bruckner and Schubert symphonies with the Radio Ochestra of Hamburg from late 90s. I am very impressed with those but these recordings are even better. Wand doesn’t move much but all the musicians play with great enthusiasm and zealot for him. Something between Carlos Kleiber and H. von Karajan. I am not going to write about every particular symphony but express my overall impression of this set.

I am very pleased I had the chance to aquire this set in Europe and it is very unfortunate it is unavailable here in the US. The orchestra(Cologne Radio Orchestra) sounds very well rehearsed and they enjoy playing for Wand. I would not say he has some fenomenal insights interpretationwise but all the symphonies are played beautifully and I did not notice a weak spot. The playing is a little more delicate than the BPO Bohm recordings and the sound is much clearer. The exciting moments are thrilling without being too uncontrolled or brutal. Wand’s tempos are just perfect. Nether too rushed or sluggish. His interpretations sound like there is no other way this music can be played.

If you have a chance get this set and deffinately try his Bruckner Symphony Cycle. It is really good as well. Otherwise you may try Harnoncourt’s Schubert set with RCO which is easier to aquire nowadays

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