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The Segovia Collection (7 CD, FLAC)

The Segovia Collection (7 CD, FLAC)
The Segovia Collection (7 CD, FLAC)

Performer: Andres Segovia
Audio CD
Number of Discs:
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: MCA Classics
Size: 1.83 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01 – Bach
01. Three pieces for lute: Allemande
02. Three pieces for lute: Sarabande
03. Three pieces for lute: Gigue
04. Three pieces from violin partita no 1: Sarabande
05. Three pieces from violin partita no 1: Bourre
06. Three pieces from violin partita no 1: Double
07. Suite no.3 for solo cello: Prelude
08. Suite no.3 for solo cello: Allemande
09. Suite no.3 for solo cello: Courante
10. Suite no.3 for solo cello: Sarabande
11. Suite no.3 for solo cello: Bourre I – Bourre II
12. Suite no.3 for solo cello: Gigue
13. Prelude for lute
14. Siciliano (from violin sonata no.1)
15. Gavotte en rondeau (from violin partita no.3)
16. Chaconne (from violin partita no.2)

CD 02 – Ponce Rodrigo Torroba
01. Rodrigo: Fantasia para un gentilhombre – Villano y Ricercare
02. Rodrigo: Fantasia para un gentilhombre – Espanoleta – Toques de la caballeria de Napoles
03. Rodrigo: Fantasia para un gentilhombre – Danza de las hachas
04. Rodrigo: Fantasia para un gentilhombre – Canario
05. Ponce: Concierto del sur – I. Allegro moderato
06. Ponce: Concierto del sur – II. Andante
07. Ponce: Concierto del sur – III. Allegro moderato e feestivo
08. Torroba: Castles of Spain – I. Turegano serranilla
09. Torroba: Castles of Spain – II. Torija elegia
10. Torroba: Castles of Spain – III. Manzanares del real a la moza fermosa
11. Torroba: Castles of Spain – IV. Montemayor contemplacion
12. Torroba: Castles of Spain – V. Alcaniz festiva
13. Torroba: Castles of Spain – VI. Siguenza la infantina duerma
14. Torroba: Castles of Spain – VII. Alba de tormes trova
15. Torroba: Castles of Spain – VIII. Alcazar de segovia llamada

CD 03 – My Favorite Works
01. Sevilla (Isaac Albeniz)
02. Granada (Isaac Albeniz)
03. Zambra granadina (Isaac Albeniz)
04. Piezas caracteristicas (Federico Moreno Torroba)
05. Estudios (Fernando Sor)
06. Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Fransisco Tarrega)
07. Tonadilla (Enrique Granados)
08. Leyenda (Isaac Albeniz)
09. Sevillana (Joaquin Turina)
10. Capricho diabolico (Mario Castelnuovo – Tedesco)

CD 04 – The Baroque Guitar
01. Purcell: Prelude
02. Purcell: Minuet
03. Purcell: A new Irish tune
04. Purcell: Jig
05. Purcell: Rondo
06. Scarlatti: Sonata in A (L.483) [Trans. John Williams]
07. Handel: Sonata in D minor
08. Handel: Fughette
09. Handel: Menuet
10. Handel: Air
11. Handel: Passepied
12. Frescobaldi: Passacaglia
13. Frescobaldi: Corrente
14. Weiss: Fantasie
15. Weiss: Tombeau sur la mort de M.Comte d’Logy
16. Weiss: Minuet I – Minuet II
17. Bach: Prelude (Cello Suite No. 1)
18. Bach: Gavotte (Cello Suite No. 6)
19. Bach: Bouree (Lute Suite)
20. Bach: Bouree (Violin partita No. 1)
21. Bach: Courante (Cello Suite No. 3)
22. Handel: Allegretto Grazioso
23. Handel: Gavotte
24. Handel: Minuet
25. Handel: Sarabande
26. Scarlatti: Sonata (L.79)

CD 05 – Five Centuries of the Spanish Guitar
01. Milan: Pavana No. 1
02. Milan: Pavana No. 6
03. Milan: Pavana No. 3
04. Milan: Pavana No. 5
05. Milan: Pavana No. 2
06. Milan: Pavana No. 4
07. Narvaez: Cancion del Emperador
08. Narvaez: Variations on ‘Guardame las vacas’
09. Sanz: Gallardas
10. Sanz: Espanoletta
11. Sor: Minuet in E op.32
12. Sor: Minuet in G
13. Sor: Minuet in E op.11 no.10
14. Sor: Variations of a Theme by Mozart
15. Torroba: Romanza de los Pinos
16. Granados: Spanish dance in E minor
17. Espla: Antano
18. Cassado: Preambulo and Sardana
19. Mompou: Suite compostelana – I. Preludio
20. Mompou: Suite compostelana – II. Coral
21. Mompou: Suite compostelana – III. Cuna
22. Mompou: Suite compostelana – IV. Recitativo
23. Mompou: Suite compostelana – V. Cancion
24. Mompou: Suite compostelana – VI. Muneira
25. Maria Esteban De Valera: Nana
26. Maria Esteban De Valera: Intermezzo

CD 06 – Manuel Ponce Sonatas
01. Sonata romantica: I. Allegro moderato
02. Sonata romantica: II. Andante espressivo
03. Sonata romantica: III. Allegretto vivo – piu lento espressivo
04. Sonata romantica: IV. Allegro non troppo e serioso
05. Sonata clasica: I. Allegro
06. Sonata clasica: II. Andante
07. Sonata clasica: III. Menuet
08. Sonata clasica: IV. Allegro
09. Sonata Mexicana: I. Allegro moderato
10. Sonata Mexicana: II. Andantino affettuoso
11. Sonata Mexicana: III. Intermezzo: Allegretto in tempo di Serenata
12. Sonata Mexicana: IV. Allegretto, un poco vivace
13. Cancion
14. Cancion y Paisage

CD 07 – Guitar Etudes
01. Eight lessions for guitar (D.Aduado): I & II
02. Eight lessions for guitar (D.Aduado): III
03. Eight lessions for guitar (D.Aduado): IV
04. Eight lessions for guitar (D.Aduado): V
05. Eight lessions for guitar (D.Aduado): VI
06. Eight lessions for guitar (D.Aduado): VII
07. Eight lessions for guitar (D.Aduado): VIII
08. Studies for the guitar (F.Sor): no.10 in A
09. Studies for the guitar (F.Sor): no.15 in D minor
10. Studies for the guitar (F.Sor): no.19 in B flat
11. Studies for the guitar (F.Sor): no.6 in D
12. Studies for the guitar (F.Sor): no.3 in A
13. Studies for the guitar (F.Sor): no.17 in E
14. Studies for the guitar (F.Sor): no.5 in B minor
15. Studies for the guitar (F.Sor): no.4 in D
16. Study (Segovia)
17. Studies for guitar (M.Giuliani): in G op.111 no.3
18. Studies for guitar (M.Giuliani): in A op.1a no.11
19. Studies for guitar (M.Giuliani): in A minor op.1a no.3
20. Studies for guitar (M.Giuliani): Allegretto in A minor
21. Studies for guitar (M.Giuliani): I. Larghetto in G; II. Allegretto in G
22. Studies for guitar (M.Giuliani): Andante grazioso in D
23. Studies for guitar (M.Giuliani): Allegretto in C
24. Studies for guitar (M.Giuliani): Vivace in A
25. Studies (N.Coste): Allegretto in A minor
26. Studies (N.Coste): Scherzando in C
27. Studies (N.Coste): in A minor
28. Studies (N.Coste): in A
29. Studies (N.Coste): in G minor
30. Studies (Sor): in C op.31 no.1
31. Studies (Sor): in A minor op.35 no.3
32. Studies (Sor): in E op.32 no.2
33. Studies (Sor): in B minor op.31 no.9
34. Studies (Sor): in A op.35 no.9
35. Studies (Sor): Allegretto in E
36. Studies (Sor): Andantino in D
37. Study in the form of a minuet (F.Tarrega)

If you play the classical guitar you should not be without this disc. It offers great performances of several miniature masterpieces from the repetoire. If you have progressed beyond the absolute beginner stage you will be able to play some of the pieces by Sor and Aguado.
Segovia is always sensitive, never pompous, extremely revealing and always at the service of the music.
The recording quality varies and sensitive hi-fi’s will reproduce the engine noise of fishing boats on one of the tracks. But who cares? This disc is an endless pleasure and immensly instructive.
One of the great classical guitar recordings.

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  1. Thanks for your contribution, but I have other two volumes in this collection: Volume 8 Castelnuovo-Tedesco and Volume 9 The Romantic Guitar. Who want this works let me know.

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