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The Eton Choirbook Collection (5 CD, APE)

The Eton Choirbook Collection (5 CD, APE)
The Eton Choirbook Collection (5 CD, APE)

Conductor: Harry Christophers
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 5 CD box set
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Coro
Size: 1.15 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01 The Rose and the Ostrich Feather
Robert Fayrfax (1464-1521)
01. Magnificat (‘Regale’)

Richard Hygons (c. 1435-c. 1509)
02. Salve Regina

Richard Turges (c. 1450-?)
03. From Stormy Windes

John Browne (fl c. 1490)
04. Stabat iuxta Christi crucem

05. This day day dawes

William Cornyshe (d. 1523)
06. Salve Regina

CD 02 The Crown of Thorns
Richard Davy (c. 1465-1507)
01. Stabat Mater

John Browne (f. c. 1490)
02. Jesu, mercy, how may this be?

William Cornyshe the elder (d. 1502)
03. Stabat Mater

Sheryngham (fl. c. 1500)
04. Ah, gentle Jesu

John Browne
05. Stabat Mater

CD 03 The Pillars of Eternity
Richard Davy (c. 1465-1507)
01. O Domine caeli terraeque creator

William Cornyshe (d. 1523)
02. Ave Maria, Mater Dei

Richard Davy
03. Ah, mine heart, remember thee well

Walter Lambe (c. 1450/51-d. after Michaelmas 1499)
04. Stella caeli

Richard Davy
05. Ah, blessed Jesu, how fortuned this?

Robert Wylkynson (c. 1450-1515 or later)
06. Jesus autem transiens/Credo in Deum
07. Salve Regina

CD 04 The Flower of All Virginity
Hugh Kellyk (fl. late 15th century)
01. Gaude Flore Virginali

02. Ah, my dear, ah, my dear Son!

John Nesbett (died c. 1488)
03. Magnificat

Robert Fayrfax (1464-1521)
04. Most clear of colour

John Browne (fl. c. 1490)
05. Salve Regina

06. Afraid, alas, and why so suddenly?

John Browne
07. O Maria Salvatoris Mater

CD 05 The Voices of Angels
Walter Lambe (c.1450-1499)
01. Salve Regina

William Henry Monk (fl. 15th-16th century)
02. Magnificat

John Plummer (c.1410-11484)
03. Tota Pulchra es

Richard Davy (c.1465-1507)
04. Salve Regina

John Plummer
05. Anna Mater Matris Christi

Richard Davy
06. In Honore Summae Matris

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