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Tempesta di Mare: Comédie et Tragédie vol.1 (24/96 FLAC)

Tempesta di Mare: Comédie et Tragédie vol.1 (24/96 FLAC)
Tempesta di Mare: Comédie et Tragédie vol.1 (24/96 FLAC)


Composer: Jean-Baptiste Lully, Marin Marais, Jean-Féry Rebel
Performer: Tempesta di Mare
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Chandos
Catalogue: CHAN0805
Release: 2015
Size: 1.25 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Lully: Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme (suite)
01. Ouverture
02. Maitre a danseurs: [Ritournelle] – Sarabande – [Ritournelle] – Bouree – Galliarde
03. Maitre a danseurs: Canaries
04. Ceremonie des Turcs: Marche pour la ceremonie des Turcs
05. Ceremonie des Turcs: Deuxieme Air
06. Ceremonie des Turcs: Troisieme Air
07. Ceremonie des Turcs: Quatrieme Air
08. Ballet des nations: Entree de trois importuns
09. Ballet des nations: Premier Air des Espagnols
10. Ballet des nations: Deuxieme Air des Espagnols
11. Ballet des nations: Entree des Scaramouches, Trivelins et Arlequin
12. Ballet des nations: Chaconne des Scaramouches, Trivelins et Arlequin

Rebel: Les elemens, “Simphonie nouvelle”
13. I. Le Cahos
14. II. Loure, “La Terre et l’Eau” – III. Chaconne, “Le Feu”
15. IV. Ramage, “L’Air” – V. Rossignols
16. VI. Loure, “La Chasse”
17. VII. Tambourin I-II
18. VIII. Sicilienne
19. IX. Rondeau, “Air pour l’Amour”
20. X. Caprice

Marais: Alcyone Suite
21. Prologue: Ouverture
22. Prologue: Air pour les Faunes et les Driades
23. Act I: Premier Air pour les Eoliens: Gravement et pique
24. Act I: Deuxieme Air: Sarabande pour les memes
25. Act I: Gigue pour les memes
26. Act II: Premier Air pour les magiciens
27. Act II: Deuxieme Air pour les magiciens
28. Act III: Marche pour les matelots
29. Act III: Deuxieme Air pour les memes
30. Act III: Troisieme Air: Tambourin pour les memes
31. Act IV: Deuxieme Air pour les pretresses de Junon
32. Act IV: Tempete
33. Act V: Chaconne pour les Tritons et les Nereides

This is Volume 1 of Tempesta di Mare’s two disc project of late seventeenth century French instrumental music. ‘Suites’ of music were often compiled from stage works that were being performed at the time and presented in the form of instrumental excerpts and dances. These ‘Suites’ contain some of the most tuneful, appealing and striking music of the period with works by Lully, Marais, and Rebel. The tradition of presenting ‘Suites’ as a separate musical entity spread throughout Europe and of course continues to this day.

As a favoured associate of King Louis XIV, Jean-Baptiste Lully was commissioned to compose a comédie-ballet for the visit of the Turkish ambassador in 1669. He composed music for Molière’s play Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, which relates the story of Mr Jourdain who absurdly tries to rise above his middle-class background. He is led to believe that he is officially ennobled at a special Turkish ceremony, an occasion for music that uses colourful percussion and exotically flavoured melodies.

The other music on the disc was written by two students of Lully, both members of his orchestras: Marin Marais and Jean-Féry Rebel. While Marais’s Alcyone is a tragic opera (tragédie en musique), composed after Lully’s death, Les Élémens is a ballet, in which Rebel portrays each of the four elements during the chaotic, confusing creation of the world. Both works are among the most successful and appealing of their composers. Tempesta di Mare, the Philadelphia-based baroque music ensemble is presenting this project over two seasons which will comprise of workshops, concerts, broadcasts as well as the two CDs. The group was recently praised by Fanfare magazine for its ‘abundant energy, immaculate ensemble, impeccable intonation, and undeniable sense of purpose’.

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