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Telemann – Der Tod Jesu (APE)

Telemann - Der Tod Jesu (APE)
Telemann - Der Tod Jesu (APE)

Performer: Dorothee Mields, Jan Kobow
Orchestra: Telemann Chamber Orchestra
Conductor: Ludger Remy
Composer: Georg Philipp Telemann
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Cpo Records
Size: 310 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Der Tod Jesu (Du, dessen Augen flossen), passion oratorio for solo voices, chorus, orchestra & continuo, TWV 5:6
Composed by Georg Philipp Telemann
Performed by Telemann Chamber Orchestra
with Dorothee Mields, Jan Kobow, Britta Schwarz, Klaus Mertens
Conducted by Ludger Remy

01. Part I: Intro (Lamento)
02. Part I. Chorale: Du, Dessen Augen Flossen
03. Part I. Chor: Sein Odem Ist Schwach
04. Part I. Accompagnato: Gethsemane!
05. Part I. Aria: Du Held! Auf Den Die Kocher Des Todes Geleeret
06. Part I. Chorale: Wen Hab Ich Sonst Als Dich Allein
07. Part I. Accompagnato: Ach Mein Immanuel
08. Part I. Aria: Ein Gebet Um Neue Starke
09. Part I. Accompagnato: Nun Klingen Waffen
10. Part I. Aria: Ihr Weichgeschaffnen Seelen
11. Part I. Chor: Unsere Seele Ist Gebeugt Zur Erden
12. Part I. Chorale: Ich Will Von Meiner Missetat
13. Part I. Recitativo: Jerusalem, Voll Mordlust
14. Part I. Aria: So Stehet Ein Berg Gottes
15. Part I. Chor: Christus Hat Uns Ein Vorbild Gelassen
16. Part I. Chorale: Ich Werde Dir Zu Ehren Alles Wagen
17. Part II. Chorale: Herzliebster Jesu, Was Hast Du Verbrochen
18. Part II. Accompagnato: Da Steht Der Traurige, Verhangnisvolle Pfahl
19. Part II. Duetto: Feinde, Die Ihr Mich Betrubt
20. Part II. Recitativo: Wer Ist Der Heilige
21. Part II. Aria: Singt Dem Gottlichen Propheten
22. Part II. Chor: Freuet Euch Alle, Ihr Frommen!
23. Part II. Chorale: Wie Herrlich Ist Die Neue Welt
24. Part II. Accompagnato: Auf Einmal Fallt Der Aufgehaltne Schermz
25. Part II. Cavate: (I. E. Accompagnato) Es Steigen Seraphim
26. Part II. Chorale: Ihr Augen, Weint!
27. Part II. Solo: Weinet Nicht!
28. Part II. Chorale: Ihr Augen, Weint!
29. Part II. Solo: Weinet Nicht!
30. Part II. Chorale: Ihr Augen, Weint!
31. Part II. Duetto: Weinet Nicht!
32. Part II. Chor: Hier Liegen Wir Geruhrte Sunder

Good Old Telemann

This CD is very special. No matter how often I listen to it I always want more.

The work comes from Telemann’s wondrous old age – just one of many remarkable (mostly large-scale) vocal works that he composed in his 70s and 80s. Der Tod Jesu gives us everything from drama and melodic beauty to profound gravity. Memorable arias and duets are mixed with wonderful choruses, all with colourful orchestral contributions.

It is interesting to note that at the same time, a younger contemporary of Telemann’s (C.H. Graun) set the same text to his own Der Tod Jesu. They even compared notes and performed each other’s versions. The Graun is generally lighter in style and possibly less compelling, but still well worth getting to know. For me however, the Telemann is the greater work and should be in the colletion of every fan of this truly remarkable man.

In this recording the soloists, choir, orchestra, conductor, and recording crew do Telemann proud.

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