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Svetlanov: Rimsky-Korsakov – Scheherazade, Glazunov – Seasons, Raymonda (SACD ISO)

Svetlanov: Rimsky-Korsakov - Scheherazade, Glazunov - Seasons, Raymonda (SACD ISO)
Svetlanov: Rimsky-Korsakov – Scheherazade, Glazunov – Seasons, Raymonda (SACD ISO)

Composer: Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Aleksandr Glazunov
Performer: John Georgiadis
Orchestra: London Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonia Orchestra
Conductor: Yevgeny Svetlanov, Lovro Von Matacic
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2
Format: DSD64 (iso)
Label: Warner
Size: 5.74 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov: symphonic suite “Scheherazade” Op. 35
01. IThe Sea and Sinbad’s Ship
02. IIThe Sory of the Kalendar Prince
03. IIIThe Young Prince and the Young Princess
04. IVThe Festival at Baghdad – The Sea – The Ship goes to pieces on a Rock summounted by a Bronze Warrior

Aleksandr Glaznov:
05. Concert waltz No. 1 work 47
06. Works Waltz No. 2 Work 51

The Seasons, Op. 67
01. Introduction (Andante)
02. Winter Scene
03. Variation 1: Frost: Allegro
04. Variation 2: Ice: Andantino
05. Variation 3: Hail: Allegro Moderato
06. Variation 4: Snow: Allegretto
07. Coda: Allegro
08. II. Spring The Zephyr – The Roses – A Bird
09. II. Spring Introduction: Andantino
10. II. Spring Waltz of the Cornflowers & Poppies: Allegretto
11. II. Spring Barcarolle: Andante
12. II. Spring Variation: Allegretto
13. II. Spring Coda: Allegro
14. IV. Autumn Bacchanal: Presto
15. IV. Autumn Petit Adagio: Andante Mosso
16. IV. Autumn Variation: The Satyr: Allegro
17. IV. Autumn The Bacchantes: Allegro
18. IV. Autumn Apotheosis: Moderato

Raymonda (Suite), Op. 57a
19. I. (a) Introduction (Moderato)
20. I. (b) Introduction (Lento maestoso)
21. II. Il Traditore (Moderato – Allegretto)
22. III. (a) Allegro agitato
23. III. (b) Entrance of Raymonda (Allegro giocoso)
24. IV. (a) Andante
25. IV. (b) Prelude (Moderato)
26. IV. (c) La Romanesca (Moderato molto)
27. IV. (d) Prelude and Variation (Allegretto)
28. V. Entracte (Andante sostenuto)
29. VI. Fantastic Waltz (Allegretto – Animato – Tempo primo)
30. VII. Grand pas d’action, “Grand Adagio” (Andante – Grandioso)
31. VIII. Variation IV (Raymonda). Allegretto
32. IX. (a) Dance of the Arabian Boys (Vivace)
33. IX. (b) Entrance of the Sarrazins (Presto)
34. X. Entracte (Allegro moderato)

The world’s first SACD of Svetranov’s stately “ Sheerazard ” and other valuable precious EMI recordings!
Super heavyweight performance. Excellent recording at the end of analog recording!

From 1977 to 1980, the former EMI label recorded two sessions by Svetlanov, where he recorded sessions with two orchestras in London. This meticulously assembled recording is one of the culminations of the heyday of analog recording, and its dense performance is a masterpiece that has reached its own level. In addition, it is coupled with Matachi ッ チ ‘s “Raimonda” suite, which is an early masterpiece of stereo. For this reprint, mastering was performed separately for the SACD layer and the CD layer separately, using a master that was digitized at 96 kHz / 24 bit from the original analog master in the home country. It is a permanent storage board. This title is a sound source of the analog heyday of the 1970s except for a part. The two albums with the rare Svetlanov should be evaluated as a culmination of analog recordings by the old EMI, as well as a number of prestigious recordings with Previn at the time, with different engineers. The precise reproducibility in Graznov recorded in 1977, the scale and rich sound field in the next year’s Sheherazade, the solid sound image and the improved texture of the instrument can be said to be one of the completed forms of this label. Let’s go. After this, the abundance of fertility is added, and it reaches the very point of analog recording, but this unparalleled sound quality can be fully demonstrated in SACD by 2017 new digitalization from the original analog master in the home country I think. Although Svetlanov’s performance here is an extension of his previous performance on the Melodia label, it is imminent in a well-prepared session recording with unprecedented perfection. come. Especially in the Sheherazade, despite the slower tempo than ever, the never-relaxing music carrying is well matched to the unique interpretation shown on the magnificent scale appropriate for the story, and it is a performance that produces great excitement . In addition, this board has never been released on the Japanese board once in the past in the CD, so it is a reprint after a long absence. In addition, Raimonda Suite by Matachic of coupling is the earliest stereo recording of 1956, but I am surprised at the already completed recording technology this time. In this reprint, detailed commentary by Ryosuke Masuda has been newly added. It is also interesting as a reading material. In this series, the SACD layer aims for a high-resolution and rich sound field with a stretched high range and soft nuances, and the CD layer aims for a realistic sound that is extruded with a solid sound. The potential of the CD itself is high, so please enjoy it as a SACD hybrid disc that can enjoy both goodness. In this 9th edition of the Definition Series, 2 titles will be released.

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