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Stravinsky – Apollon Musagete & Pulcinella Suite (24/192 FLAC)

Stravinsky - Apollon Musagete & Pulcinella Suite (192 kHz / 24bit, FLAC)
Stravinsky - Apollon Musagete & Pulcinella Suite (192 kHz / 24bit, FLAC)

Orchestra: Chamber Orchestra of Europe
Conductor: Alexander Janiczek
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Format: Super Audio CD – DSD
Label: Linn Records
Size: 1.88 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Apollon Musagete – Naissance d’Apollon
02. Apollon Musagete – Variation d’Apollon
03. Apollon Musagete – Pas d’action
04. Apollon Musagete – Variation de Calliope
05. Apollon Musagete – Variation de Polymnie
06. Apollon Musagete – Variation de Terpsichore
07. Apollon Musagete – Variation d’Apollon
08. Apollon Musagete – Pas de deux
09. Apollon Musagete – Coda (Apollon et les Muses)
10. Apollon Musagete – Apotheose
11. Pulcinella Suite – I. Sinfonia
12. Pulcinella Suite – II. Serenata
13. Pulcinella Suite – III. a) Scherzino
14. Pulcinella Suite – III. b) Allegro
15. Pulcinella Suite – III. c) Andantino
16. Pulcinella Suite – IV. Tarantella
17. Pulcinella Suite – V. Toccata
18. Pulcinella Suite – VI. Gavotta
19. Pulcinella Suite – VII. Vivo
20. Pulcinella Suite – VIII. a) Menuetto
21. Pulcinella Suite – VIII. b) Finale

21 thoughts on “Stravinsky – Apollon Musagete & Pulcinella Suite (24/192 FLAC)”

  1. Whatever, Rach & Sergi,

    Here at Boxset, the one thing that binds us all together is our love for classical music. Having said that, we are otherwise quite different. Some of us are computer nerds, others not so much. Some have expensive equipment, others listen over iPods.

    I’m fortunate in that my equipment can play any PCM file up to 24/192. I can’t play DSD. No problem, I use Korg Audiogate to convert DSD to PCM and I’m good-to-go.

    Someday I hope to own a DSD DAC. Until that day comes, I burn all my DSD files to DVD-R or BD-R for safe keeping

    As always, thanks for sharing such a great treasure with us.

  2. Hi Sir Whatever. Nice to have you back here. Thank you also for all the work done. Two questions :
    1 – are you by any chance equipped to rip SACDs by yourself ?
    2 – is there any chance you will post in the future the Heifetz complete album collection 103 CDs Boxset ?

    Many thanks again !

  3. Whatever, can you please confirm that these are not upsampled redbook tracks from the hybrid sacd. If they are the actual DSD tracks converted to hires FLAC then indeed hats off to you or whoever did this. How are you capturing the DSD off of the SACD?

      1. Now I’m definitely going to have to buy you a beer… Thank you and please post more highres files. Classical music, particularly orchestral music, benefits a lot from high res sampling.

  4. Whatever, thanks for all these great recordings in 88-192khz/24bit! A truly feast for the ears to go with Rachmaninov’s.

    As for those people “complaining” about such uploads, I would like to say something. First, needless to say we should appreciate all the effort he put in uploading all that but more important, Whatever’s Home – Whatever’s Rules, meaning he decides what to share and how (and mind you, we happy users of this site even can make requests). If that weren’t enough, logic still says he is not going to share music from now on only in those “too big files” as all the music isn’t available in that format so, don’t worry. And yet, something else, can we, those who don’t care about size but enjoy music at its utmost quality, still have the privilege to enjoy this kind of recordings from time to time? Do you mind? Thank you.

    I didn’t pretend to start an argument or anything like that but to remind some users in case they forgot that this is NOT a site made only and specifically for them but for everybody. You can find people virtually from everywhere with all sort of backgrounds and likings therefore respect for the others should be always kept in mind. That’s all I had to say. Sorry for all this “unmusical” ramblings Whatever and thanks again for these uploads and all the hard work you put in keeping this great site alive (not forgetting about our good friend Rachmaninov of course!).

      1. Hahaha… :lol: My dear friend Rachmaninov, as Peter Mayle said in one of his novels (always so charmingly full of true joie de vivre), “anything considered except marriage” :wink:

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