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Strauss: Die Ägyptische Helena (2 CD, APE)

Strauss: Die Ägyptische Helena (2 CD, APE)
Strauss: Die Ägyptische Helena (2 CD, APE)

Composer: Richard Strauss
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Telarc
Size: 718 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Die Ägyptische Helena (The Egyptian Helen), opera, Op. 75 (TrV 255)
Composed by Richard Strauss
Performed by American Symphony Orchestra
with Celena Shafer, Teresa Buchholz, Christopher Robertson, Carl Tanner, BJ Fredricks, Tamara Mesic, Jill Grove, Elizabeth Batton, Deborah Voigt, Sharla Nafziger, Eric Cutler, Kathlene Ritch
Conducted by Leon Botstein

Disc: 1
01. Einleitung: Das Mahl Ist Gerichtet
02. Sause Hin, Sturm! Flieg Hin Wie Der Blitz!
03. Wo Bin Ich?
04. Bei Jener Nacht, Der Keuschen Einzig Einen
05. Ein Becher War SuBer Als Dieser
06. Ihr Grunen Augen
07. Ohne Zaudern
08. Wer Bist Du?
09. Ai!
10. O Engel, Fur Elfen
11. Das Notigste Nur

Disc: 2
01. Zweite Braut Nacht!
02. Wo Ist Das Haus?
03. Aus Flirrender Stille
04. Eilig Zusammen Geraffte Gaben
05. Denn Es Ist Recht, DaB Wir Kampfen
06. Ich Werde Neben Dir Reiten!
07. So Schon Bedient
08. Aithra! Liebe Herrliche!
09. Habet Acht!
10. Hute Dich Furst
11. Mein Geliebter! Menelas!
12. Die Wir Zum Feste Dich Laden
13. Weib, Tritt Hinweg!
14. Bei Jener Nacht, Der Keuschen Einzig Einen
15. Tot-Lebendige!
16. Zu Mir Das Weib!
17. Vater, Wo Ist Meine Schone Mutter?
18. Gewogene Lufte, Fuhrt Uns Zuruck

Great Score,Fine Singers,Reticent Conductor

I felt some unfair judgements concerning this recording,by reading controversial rewiews below.First of all,”Helena” is an unquestionable fine score,a kind of a “Die Frau” opera twin,in spite of the overfanciful plot and its historical and ficticious mix characters.Mostly,the music is intricate just like the libreto,heavly orchestrated and singers have a really hard job to do,especially the tenor(Menelaus).Of course,if one expect an immaculate singing of this part,this listener must go to a studio recording because Menelaus must sing a couple of hours with very little breaks.This live “Helena” has an youth,brave Carl Tunner singing the deceived husband and his performance is a very respectable one.He was strength enough to his seductive partner,Deborah Voigt.If you don’t know what is a truly straussian soprano voice,just hear Voigt’s radiant and flexible tones.About those singers,I think all of they increase energy and brightness to this recording.I like a lot Christopher Robertson(Altair),a baritone I never heard before.But,this cd-set brings out a serious problem;a conductor that doesn’t have affinities with music he’s performing.Prologue and Act One(the singers,as well)suffer due to reticent,cowardly Botstein’s conducting and I remember that moment when Helena says to her suitor,Da-ud;”-Boy,take care around the fire,or you’ll melt like wax!”.In my opinion,in despite of all that gorgeous singing,fine digital sound,fire was fairly I miss here.However,this set is an indispensable one to Strauss’ opera lovers.

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