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Sousa – Deep Cuts vol.1 (FLAC)

Sousa - Deep Cuts vol.1 (FLAC)
Sousa – Deep Cuts vol.1 (FLAC)

Composer: John Philip Sousa
Performer: President’s Own United States Marine Band
Conductor: Jack T. Klein
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Altissimo
Catalogue: 75442205032
Release: 2015
Size: 521 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: cover

01. Nobles of the Mystic Shrine
02. The Volunteers
03. Atlantic City Pageant
04. Bonnie Annie Laurie
05. Triumph of Time
06. The Directorate

Leaves From My Notebook
07. I. The Genial Hostess
08. II. The Campfire Girls
09. III. The Lively Flapper

10. The Kansas Wildcats
11. Across the Danube
12. Marquette University March
13. The Loyal Legion March
14. The Stag Party Humoresque
15. On the Tramp
16. The Golden Star
17. Northen Pines
18. Mother Hubbard March
19. Powhatan’s Daughter
20. Wisconsin Forward Forever
21. March: The Royal Welch Fusiliers
22. Right Forward
23. The Gliding Girl
24. The Quilting Party March

Suite: Looking Upward
25. By the Light of the Polar Star
26. Beneath the Southern Cross
27. Mars and Venus

28. Silver Spray Schottische
29. The Lamb’s March
30. Foshay Tower Washington Memorial

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