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Sokolov: Beethoven – Diabelli Variations (APE)

Sokolov: Beethoven - Diabelli Variations (APE)

Sokolov: Beethoven - Diabelli Variations (APE)

Composer: Ludwig van Beethoven
Performer: Grigory Sokolov
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Opus 111
Size: 201 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: no

01. Thema Vivace
02. Var. 1 Alla Marcia Maestoso
03. Var. 2 Poco Allegro
04. Var. 3 L’Istesso Tempo
05. Var. 4 Un Poco Più Vivace
06. Var.5 Allegro Vivace
07. Var. 6 Allegro Ma Non Troppo E Serioso
08. Var. 7 Un Poco Più Allegro
09. Var. 8 Poco Vivace
10. Var. 9 Allegro Pesante E Risoluto
11. Var. 10 Presto
12. Var. 11 Allegretto
13. Var. 12 Un Poco Più Moto
14. Var. 13 Vivace
15. Var. 14 Grave E Maestoso
16. Var. 15 Presto Scherzando
17. Var. 16 Allegro/Var. 17
18. Var. 18 Poco Moderato
19. Var. 19 Presto
20. Var. 20 Andante
21. Var. 21 Allegro Con Brio
22. Var. 22 Allegro Molto
23. Var. 23 Allegro Assai
24. Var. 24 Fughetta: Andante
25. Var. 25 Allegro
26. Var. 26
27. Var. 27 Vivace
28. Var. 28 Allegro
29. Var. 29 Adagio Ma Non Troppo
30. Var. 30 Andante, Sempre Cantabile
31. Var. 31 Largo, Molto Espressivo
32. Var. 32 Fuga: Allegro
33. Var. 33 Tempo Di Menuetto Moderato

A Riveting Performance

When I first put this disc on I was a bit put off by the extremely mannered way in which Sokolov played Diabelli’s little ditty, and continued to feel that way through the first variation. But as the performance continued it began to make more and more sense and long before he got to the final variations I was completely won over. Then I went back and played the beginning again, and surprise!, it made perfect sense and I loved it. This is a live performance but I didn’t hear a single mistake or hesitation in Sokolov’s playing. I was, I admit, a bit puzzled by the seemingly restrained applause at the end because I was out of my chair with excitement!

At any rate, I’m saying that this is a riveting performance of what is probably Beethoven’s greatest piano work and I recommend it heartily.

Scott Morrison

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