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Skeaping: The English Stage Jig (FLAC)

Skeaping: The English Stage Jig (FLAC)
Skeaping: The English Stage Jig (FLAC)

Performer: Lucie Skeaping
Orchestra: City Waites
Conductor: Lucie Skeaping
Composer: Will Kemp, Thomas Jordan
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Hyperion
Size: 389 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. The Black Man: 01. Quoth John To Joan, ‘Sweet Susan, Remember’
02. The Black Man: 02. The Indian Queen, ‘Y’Are Well Overtaken’
03. The Black Man: 03. Prithee Love Turn To Me, ‘Come Sweetheart’
04. The Black Man: 04. Walsingham, ‘As Ye Came From Walsingham’
05. The Black Man: 05. Jog On, ‘Jog On, Jog On, My Pretty Susan’
06. The Black Man: 06. Prince Rupert’s March, ‘In This Same Plight’
07. The Black Man: 07. Greys Inn Mask, ‘Come Buy A Brush’
08. The Black Man: 08. Heartsease, ‘O Woe Is Me’
09. The Black Man: 09. The Gelding Of The Devil, ‘Black Do I Cry’
10. The Black Man: 10. Grim King Of The Ghosts, ‘Man, Forbear This Place’
11. The Black Man: 11. Peg A Ramsey, ‘Our Sentinel Keeps Well’

12. The Merry Wooing Of Robin & Joan, ‘Sellengers Round’

13. Singing Simpkin: 1. The Crost Couple, ‘Blind Cupid Hath Made’
14. Singing Simpkin: 2. Prince Rupert’s March, ‘There Is A Royster At The Door’

15. The Bloody Battle At Billingsgate, ‘The OrangeHit & Miss’

16. The Cheaters Cheated: 01. The Friar & The Nun, ‘Good Morrow Fellow Filcher’
17. The Cheaters Cheated: 02. Upon A Summers Day; Kemp’s Jig, ‘Our Taunton Den Is A Dungeon’
18. The Cheaters Cheated: 03. The Friar & The Nun, ‘The Rainbow Never Knew’
19. The Cheaters Cheated: 04. Jack A Lent, ‘Quick Let Us Share’
20. The Cheaters Cheated: 05. The Carman’s Whistle, ‘Soldiers Fight’
21. The Cheaters Cheated: 06. Stingo; Half Hanekin, ‘I Can Dance & I Can Sing’
22. The Cheaters Cheated: 07. The Gelding Of The Devil, ‘Oh Wo, Wo, Wo’
23. The Cheaters Cheated: 08. Argeers, ‘We Shall Ne’re Have Lucky Minuit’
24. The Cheaters Cheated: 09. Cavalilly Man, ‘Now Farawel Lungeon’
25. The Cheaters Cheated: 10. Upon A Summers Day, ‘Ch’Ave Overcome My Voes’

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