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Simon Rattle Edition – American Music (FLAC)

Simon Rattle Edition - American Music (FLAC)
Simon Rattle Edition – American Music (FLAC)

Composer: John Adams, Leonard Bernstein, Elliott Carter, Edward Kennedy ‘Duke’ Ellington, Mercer Ellington, George Gershwin, Charles Ives, Turner Layton, Billy Strayhorn, Victor Young
Performer: Jonathan Holland, Wesley Warren, Wayne Marshall, Willard White, Cynthia Haymon, Gregg Baker, Cynthia Clarey, Marietta Simpson, Damon Evans, Peter Donohoe, Kim Criswell, Brent Barrett, Timothy Robinson, Simone Sauphanor, Rod Gilfry, Michael Dore, Audra McDonald, Carl Daymond, Robert Fardell, Kimberly Cobb, Ken Atkinson, Melanie Marshall, Michael Collins, Joshua Redman, Regina Carter, Joe Lovano, Clark Terry, Lena Horne, Bobby Watson, Johnny Worthy, Maureen Braithwaite, Bruce Hubbard, Ron Travis, Mervin Wallace, Barrington Coleman, Ted Maynard, Billy J. Mitchell, Harolyn Blackwell, Colenton Freeman, Autris Paige, Paula Ingram, William Johnson, Alan Tilvern, Linda Thompson, Gregg Baker
Orchestra: City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, London Sinfonietta
Conductor: Sir Simon Rattle
Number of Discs: 7
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Warner
Catalogue: 2150142
Release: 2008
Size: 2.14 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: cover

CD 01
Adams: Harmonielehre
01. Part I
02. Part II – The Anfortas Wound
03. Part III – Meister Eckhardt and Quackie

04. Adams: The Chairman Dances
05. Adams: Tromba Lontana
06. Adams: Short Ride in a Fast Machine
07. Ives: Holidays: Decoration Day (1912) (conclusion)
08. Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue (opening)
09. Carter: Celebration of some 100 x 150 notes
10. Bernstein: West Side Story – Symphonic Dances: Mambo

CD 02
Bernstein: Wonderful Town
01. Overture
02. Christopher Street (Guide / Tourists / Villagers / Violet)
03. Ohio (Ruth / Eileen)
04. Conquering New York (Ruth / Chorus)
05. One Hundred Easy Ways To Lose a Man (Ruth)
06. What a waste (Baker / Ruth / First Editor / Second Editor)
07. A Little Bit in Love (Eileen)
08. Pass the Football (Wreck)
09. Conversation Piece (Eileen / Frank / Ruth / Chick)
10. A Quiet Girl (Baker / Men’s chorus)
11. Conga! (Cadet / Ruth / Cadets)
12. Entr’acte
13. My Darlin’ Eileen (Solo cop [Lonigan] / Men’s chorus / First Cop / Second Cop / Third Cop / Eileen)
14. Swing! (Villager / Ruth / Chorus / First Man / Second Man / First Girl / Second Girl)
15. Quiet Incidental (Eileen / Ruth)
16. Ohio Reprise (Eileen / Ruth)
17. It’s Love (Eileen / Baker / Chorus)
18. Ballet at the Village Vortex
19. The Wrong Note Rag (Ruth / Eileen / Chorus)
20. It’s Love Reprise – Finale Act Two (Eileen / Baker / Ruth / Chorus)

21. Bernstein: Prelude, Fugue & Riffs for Solo Clarinet and Jazz Ensemble

CD 03
01. Strayhorn: Take the A Train
02. Strayhorn: You’re The One
03. Ellington: Sophisticated Lady
04. Ellington: Harlem
05. Strayhorn, Ellington: Isfahan
06. Ellington: Ad Lib on Nippon (Part 2)
07. Ellington, Henderson: That Doo-wah Thing from ‘It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing’: Part 2, duet / fugue
08. Strayhorn, Ellington: Something to Live For
09. Ellington: Come Sunday
10. Ellington, Lange: Solitude in Transblucency
11. Strayhorn: Maybe
12. Ellington: Things ain’t what they used to be

CD 04
Gershwin: Porgy and Bess
01. Introduction
02. Summertime
03. Oh, nobody knows when the Lawd is goin’ to call
04. Give him to me…Lissen to yo’ daddy warn you…A woman is a sometime thing
05. Here’s the ol’ crap shark…No, no, brudder
06. Here come the Big Boy
07. Six to make
08. Jesus, he’s killed him!…That you, Sportin’ Life?
09. Where is brudder Robbins?…Come on, sister!
10. Overflow, overflow
11. A saucer-burying set-up, I see
12. My man’s gone now
13. How de saucer stan’ now, my sister?
14. Oh, the train is at the station

CD 05
Gershwin: Porgy and Bess
01. Oh, I’m agoin’ out to the Blackfish banks
02. Mus’ be you mens forgot about de picnic…Oh, I got plenty o’ nuttin’
03. Lissen there, what I tells you…I hates yo’ struttin’ style
04. Mornin’, Lawyer, lookin’ for somebody?
05. Boy! Come here, boy!
06. Buzzard keep on flyin’ over
07. ‘Lo Bess, goin’ to picnic?
08. Honey, we sure goin’ strut our stuff today!…Bess, you is my woman now
09. Oh, I can’t sit down
10. I ain’t got no shame
11. It ain’t necessarily so…Shame on you sinners
12. Crown!
13. Oh, what you want wid Bess?
14. Honey, dat’s all de breakfast I got time for
15. Take yo’ han’s off me
16. Oh, doctor Jesus
17. Oh dey’s so fresh an’ fine
18. Porgy, Porgy, dat you there ain’t it?
19. I wants to stay here
20. Why you been out on that wharf so long, Clara?

CD 06
Gershwin: Porgy and Bess
01. Doctor Jesus
02. One of these mornings you goin’ to rise up singin’
03. Oh, dere’s somebody knockin’ at de do’
04. You is a nice parcel of Christians!
05. A red-headed woman make a choo-choo jump its track
06. All right, I’m goin’ out to get Clara…Oh, Doctor Jesus
07. Clara, Clara, don’t you be downhearted…You low-life skunk, ain’ you got no shame
08. Summertime….
09. Wait for us at the corner
10. Come out here, both of you
11. Oh, Lawd, what I goin’ do?….Oh, Gawd! They goin’ make him look on Crown’s face!
12. Listen: there’s a boat dat’s leavin’ soon for New York
13. Introduction
14. Good mornin’, sistuh!… It’s Porgy comin’ home
15. Dem white folks sure ain’ put nuttin’ over on this baby
16. Here Mingo, what’s de matter wid you all?
17. Where’s Bess?
18. Bess is gone
19. Oh Lawd, I’m on my way

CD 07
01. Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue

Gershwin: A Gershwin Songbook
02. Swanee
03. Nobody but you
04. The man I love
05. I’ll build a stairway to paradise
06. Do it again
07. Fascinating rhythm
08. Oh, lady, be good!
09. Somebody loves me
10. Sweet and low-down
11. Clap yo’ hands
12. Do, do, do
13. My one and only
14. ‘s Wonderful
15. Strike up the band
16. Who cares?
17. That certain feeling
18. Liza (All the clouds’ll roll away)
19. I got rhythm

Gershwin: Piano Concerto in F major
20. I. Allegro
21. II. Adagio – Andante con moto
22. III. Allegro agitato

23. Layton: After you’ve gone
24. Meyers, Schoebel, Erdman, Kahn: Nobody’s Sweetheart
25. Young: Sweet Sue, Just You

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