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SEON – Excellence in Early Music (FLAC)

SEON - Excellence in Early Music (FLAC)
SEON – Excellence in Early Music (FLAC)

Number of Discs: 85
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Sony
Catalogue: 88832089382
Release: 2014
Size: 22.9 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01 Anonymous: Paschale Mysterium, Gregorian Chant
CD 02 Gregorian Chant: Hymns
CD 03 Gregorian Chant: Sequences
CD 04 The Moosburg Gradual of 1360: Christmas Cantiones
CD 05 Dufay: Musique sacrée & Ballades
CD 06 Laudiamo Jesu:Laude of the 15th and 16th Centuries
CD 07 Desprez: Missa “La Sol Fa Re Mi” & Motets
CD 08 Stoltzer: Four German Psalms
CD 09/10 The Legend of Orpheus
CD 11 de Monte, de Lassus, Nörmiger, White: Sacred Music
CD 12 Gastoldi: Balletti a 5 voci
CD 13 Early Italian Madrigals
CD 14 Monteverdi: Madrigals
CD 15 Varietie of Lute-Lessons: The Renaissance Lute
CD 16 Lawes: The Royal Consort & Lute Songs
CD 17 Te Deum Laudamus: German Renaissance Choirs
CD 18 Mazak: Sacred Music from Holy Cross Monastery
CD 19 Blow: An Ode, on the Death of Mr Henry Purcell & Songs from Amphion Anglicus
CD 20 Corelli: Sonatas op.5 Nos 7-11 & No.12 “La Follia”
CD 21/22 Couperin: Nouveaux Concerts from Les Goûts Réunis Nos 5-7, Nos 9-12 & No.14
CD 23 Couperin: Nouveaux Concerts from Les Goûts Réunis Nos 8 &13 & “L’Apothéose de Corelli”
CD 24 Couperin: Concerts Royaux Nos 1-4
CD 25 Couperin: Apotheosis to the memory of de Lully & Sonatas
CD 26/27 Duphly & Forqueray: Pieces for Harpsichord
CD 28/29 Hotteterre: Complete wind music: Suites, Sonatas, Dances
CD 30 Vivaldi: The Four Seasons & Oboe Concertos
CD 31 Vivaldi, Marcello, Platti: Concertos for Wind
CD 32 Handel, Porpora, Caldara: Cantata da Camera
CD 33 Scarlatti: Harpsichord Sonatas
CD 34 The Baroque Lute I & II
CD 35 The Baroque Lute III
CD 36/37 Telemann: 12 Sonate Metodiche
CD 38/39 Telemann: Trio Sonatas for Recorder & Transverse Flute
CD 40/41 Handel: Complete Wind Sonatas
CD 42 Bach: Cantatas ‘Kreuzstab’ BWV56 & ‘Ich habe genug’ BWV82
CD 43/44 Bach: Great Organ Works
CD 45 Bach: Inventions BWV772-786 & Sinfonias BWV787-801
CD 46/47 Bach: English Suites BWV806-811
CD 48 Bach: French Suites BWV812-817
CD 49/50 Bach: Italian Concerto BWV971, Chromatic Fantasy and Fugue BWV903, Toccatas & Suites
CD 51/52 Bach: Cello Suites BWV1007-1012
CD 53/54 Bach: Complete Sonatas & Partita for Flute
CD 55/56 Bach: Brandenburg Concertos Nos 1-6 BWV1046-1051
CD 57 Bach: Musical Offering BWV1079
CD 58 JS & CPE Bach: Harpsichord Concertos in D minor
CD 59/60 CPE Bach: Sonatas, Rondos & Fantasias
CD 61 Haydn: String Quartets op.20 Nos 2 & 4
CD 62/63 Boccherini: String Quintets op.20 Nos 1-6 & Sonatas for Violoncello & B.c.
CD 64/65 Mozart: Flute Concertos
CD 66/67 Mozart: Wind Divertimentos
CD 68/69 Mozart: Violin Concertos and Concertante Movements
CD 70/71 Mozart: Sonatas for Piano and Violin K.8, 26, 301, 306, 360, 454
CD 72 Mozart: Sonatas for Piano & Violin K.58, 304, 481
CD 73/74 Mozart: Piano Sonatas
CD 75/76 Weber: Ten Scottish Melodies, Chamber Music, 28 Songs
CD 77 Renaissance & Baroque Organs: Netherlands
CD 78/79 Renaissance & Baroque Organs: Northern Germany
CD 80/81 Renaissance & Baroque Organs: Alpenländler
CD 82/83 Renaissance & Baroque Organs: Austria
CD 84/85 Renaissance & Baroque Organs: Northern Italy

SEON (Studio Erichson) is a period music label by the legendary producer Wolf Erichson. Erichson founded the label in 1969 as one of the first labels dedicated only to authentic music with the clear focus to record the upcoming stars of the Early Music movement such as Frans Brüggen, Anner Bylsma, Gustav Leonhardt and Konrad Ruhland. The recordings were made with the best available recording techniques of the time and still deliver a high quality product in line with today’s standards. This special boxset offers all SEON CD-reissues from the late 90s on 85 CDs in a limited edition boxset. The perfect overview, ranging from Medieval Gregorian Chants to Romantic music by Carl Maria von Weber. Historically informed performance practice, with specialist performers . Includes a 250-page booklet with detailed tracklistings and a new, very informative interview with Wolf Erichson about the history of SEON and the recordings.

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