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Savall: Orient Occident (FLAC)

Savall: Orient Occident (FLAC)
Savall: Orient Occident (FLAC)

Performer: Jordi Savall
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: Alia Vox
Size: 393 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Makam Rast “Murass’a” Usul Düyek (Turquie, Mss. De Kantemiroglu)
02. Ductia (Cantigas 248-353) (Alfonso X El Sabio, 1221-1284)
03. A La Una Yo Nací (Sefarad / Sarajevo)
04. Alba (Castelló De La Plana, Espagne)
05. Danse De L’Âme (Maroc / Driss El Maloumi)
06. Istampitta: La Manfredina (Italia: Trecento Mss.)
07. Laïli Djân (Afghanistan, Perse)
08. Istampitta: In Pro (Italia: Trecento Mss.)
09. Danza Del Viento (Sefarad / Bereber, Algérie)
10. Istampitta: Saltarello I (Italia: Trecento Mss.)
11. Chahamezrab (Perse / Dimitris Psonis)
12. Danza De Las Espadas (Galicia, S.XIII, Espagne)
13. Makam Nikriz Üsul Berevsân (Turquie, Mss. De Kantemiroglu)
14. Istampitta: Saltarello II (Italia: Trecento Mss.)
15. Ya Nabat Elrichan – Magam Lami (Judeo-Iraquienne / Yair Dalal)
16. Rotundellus (Cantiga 105) (Alfonso X El Sabio)
17. Makam Rast Semâ’I (Turquie, Mss. De Kantemiroglu)
18. Istampitta: Lamento Di Tristano (Italia: Trecento Mss.)
19. Molâ Mâmad Djân (Afghanistan, Perse)
20. Saltarello (Cantigas 77-119) (Alfonso X El Sabio)
21. Makam ‘Uzäl Sakil “Turna” (Turquie, Mss. De Kantemiroglu)

Intriguing Music Between East and West

Jordi Savall and his Hesperion XXI are joined in this recording by seven musicians from Greece and Middle Eastern countries playing instruments that include the transverse flute, or tulak, the rubab, tablas, zir baghali and oud. I am a longtime admirer of Jordi Savall and Hesperion XXI and was very much intrigued by the goal of this CD to present the music of the medieval East and West showing how different cultures would influence each other. A piece from the Middle East is paired with one from the West and, indeed, one needs to keep the booklet handy to tell if the music is from a Muslim, Christian or Jewish tradition. It is simply a pleasure to hear the sounds produced by the various Middle Eastern and ancient instruments: the exotic rhythms, the beat of the drums and dancing melodies are a treat.

The disc is nicely recorded as all of the Hesperion XXI recordings have been. My only wish would have been for more information about each of the works on the disc and it would have been interesting to know something about the seven instrumentalists who joined with Mr. Savall. What we have in the booklet is an overview by Jordi Savall that does not go too deeply into the music we are hearing. This aside, Orient-Occident is a disc not to be missed.


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