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Saule Tikai / Merely Sun (24/48 FLAC)

Saule Tikai / Merely Sun (24/48 FLAC)
Saule Tikai / Merely Sun (24/48 FLAC)

Composer: Dace Aperans, Mārīte Dombrovska, Rihards Dubra, Edgars Mākens, Rihards Zaļupe
Performer: Riga Saxophone Quartet, Herta Hansena, Natālija Meļņikoviča, Ieva Parša, Guntars Freibergs, Rihards Zaļupe
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: SKANI
Release: 2021
Size: 672 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Aperans: Fantasies for Saxophone Quartet and Piano
01. I. Uz mēness pusi
02. II. Saule tikai – aplis

Dombrovska: Dīvainie Sapņi
03. I. Risoluto
04. II. Scherzando
05. III. Lontano

06. Dubra: Vidi Quattuor Angelos

Mākens: Rīgas Triptihs
07. I. Torņi
08. II. Tirgus
09. III. Tilti

10. Zaļupe: Extension in Blur

Riga Saxophone Quartet’s international debut featuring world premiere recordings dedicated to the ensemble by Dace Aperane, Marite Dombrovska, Rihards Dubra, Edgars Makens and Rigards Zalupe.

This is an album of musical friendship where the Riga Saxophone Quartet meets with composers and like-minded performers, and five compositions grounded in poetry, dreams, the Book of Revelation, Old Town Riga streetscapes, and the art of photography come into being. The RSQ debuted on May 5, 1992, in the White Hall of the Latvian Philharmonic. Membership in the quartet has changed several times with Artis Simanis the only enduring original member. Artis Simanis received the Latvian Music Award in 2009 and the Order of the Three Stars in 2010 for his contributions to saxophone development in Latvia.

With Artis at its heart, the RSQ has developed diverse concert programming with an enormous repertoire ranging from Gabrieli and Bach to Glass and Piazzolla, and world music to jazz. The quartet appears on its own and in conjunction with Latvia’s professional orchestras and choirs, performing in Latvia’s concert halls, schools, and churches. They received the Grand Music Award in 1999 for artistic achievement at the First International Saxophone Festival Saxophonia and their extensive performance commitments in Latvia. During the next decades they take part in the Latvian National Opera’s production of Fruits of the Earth.

The RSQ has performed in its current configuration since 2016.

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