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Rychert: Różycki – Works with Violin (FLAC)

Rychert: Różycki - Works with Violin (FLAC)
Rychert: Różycki – Works with Violin (FLAC)


Composer: Ludomir Rozycki
Performer: Ewelina Nowicka, Pola Lazar, Michał Krężlewski
Orchestra: Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Zygmunt Rychert
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Cpo
Release: 2021
Size: 248 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Violin Concerto, Op. 70 (Unfinished)
01. I. Andante
02. II. Allegro deciso

2 Melodies for Violin & Piano, Op. 5
03. No. 1, Andante
04. No. 2, Allegretto

2 Nocturnes for Violin & Piano, Op. 30
05. No. 1, Andante
06. No. 2, Andantino

Pan Twardowski, Op. 45 (Excerpts Transcr. for Violin & Piano)
07. Polonaise tragique
08. Apparition de Lucifer
09. Les ondines
10. Danse entre les poignards

Although Ludomir Różycki is known to only a few internationally, he is indisputably regarded as the most famous Polish opera composer after Moniuszko and was the founder of the Polish national ballet. His symphonic poems, masterfully instrumented and designed with highly animated, melodious creativity, enriched what was then as yet his country’s modest symphonic repertoire. During his creative career Różycki occupied an important place in Polish artistic circles and his works were presented on Polish and other stages.

Unfortunately, he left one of his Violin Concertos unfinished. It was not until 2000 that Zygmunt Rychert, the artistic director of the Baltic Philharmonic, prepared his own instrumentation of the Violin Concerto for symphony orchestra, lending it a fascinating character very much like that of Różycki’s earlier orchestral works. The outstanding young violinist Ewelina Nowicka interprets the difficult solo part of the Concerto with skill and great verve on this recording presenting the result of this harmonious collaboration between these two musicians. The miniature pieces also heard here offer us melodic invention illustrating Różycki’s sound and the inner warmth of his compositions. These works put violinists to the test while also offering them an opportunity to demonstrate their virtuosity.

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