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Russian Futurism (5 CD box set, FLAC)

Russian Futurism (5 CD box set, FLAC)
Russian Futurism (5 CD box set, FLAC)

Audio CD
Number of Discs: 5 CD box set
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: Arte Nova Classics
Size: 1.25 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01: Alexander Mosolov: Piano Works – Daniele Lombardi
01. Sonata No. 4 Op. 11

Turkmenian Nights
02. I. Andante con moto
03. II. Lento
04. III. Allegro

Sonata No. 5 Op. 12
05. I. Allegro affanato
06. II. Elegia
07. III. Scherzo marciale
08. IV. Adagio languente e patetico

Daniele Lombardi, piano

CD 02: Alexander Goedicke: Orchestral works
01. Ouverture dramatique pour Grand Orchestre Op. 7
At War (From the Diary of a Dead Soldier)

Six Improvisations for Orchestra. Op. 26
02. introduction
03. I. In the Trenches
04. II. Attack
05. III. Silence
06. IV. Funeral March
07. V. Battle
08. VI. Ending

Horn Concerto in F minor. Op. 40
09. I.
10. II.
11. III.
12. Trumpet Concerto Op. 41 (World Premiere Recordings)

Gleb Karpushkin, horn
Vladimir Gontcharov, trumpet
Russian Philharmonic Orchestra
Konstantin Krimets, conductor

CD 03: Julian Krein, Mikhail F. Gnesin, Georg Kirkor
Julian Krein
Sonata – Fantasy for Cello and Piano
01. I. Andante sostenuto
02. II. Allegro drammatico
03. III. Andante motto largamente
04. IV. Allegro declso

Sonata – Poem for Cello and Piano
05. Andante espressivo – Allegro deciso – Moderato sostenuto – Allegro – Andante con moto – Allegro molto

Dramatic Poem
06. Moderato drammatico. Allegro molto

Michail F. Gnesin
Three Characteristic Melodies to The Stone Guest by Pushkin Op. 51
07. I. Don Juan (Serenade). Andantino
08. II. Donna Anna. Largamente
09. III. Laura. Allegro moderato

Georg Kirkor
Sonata for Cello and Piano Op. 7″
10. I. Moderato
11. II. Adagio sostenuto
12. III. Allegro vivace

Kyril Rodin, cello
Andrei Pisarev, piano
Alexei Nesterenko, piano

CD 04: Mikhail F. Gnesin
01. “D’apres Shelley” Symphonic Fragment in D major Op 4
02. Requiem Op. II for two violins, viola, cello and piano
03. Trio for Piano, Violin and Cello Op 63″ “Dedicated to the memory of our lost children”
04. Songs of a Knight Errant Op. 28
05. Adigeya Op. 48, Sextet for violin, viola, cello, clarinet, horn and piano

The Jewish Orchestra at the Ball at Nothingtown Op. 41
06. Quadrille
07. Polka
08. Romance
09. Valse
10. Gavotte
11. Pctits pieds
12. Galop

Russian Philharmonic Orchestra
Konstantin Krimets, conductor
Moscow Soloists Ensemble

CD 05: Alexander Mosolov, Nikolai Roslavets, Lev Knipper
Alexander Mosolov
String Quartet No. I Op. 24
01. I. Andante agitato
02. II. Adagio
03. III. Scherzo
04. IV. Allegro molto risoluto

Nikolai Roslavets
String Quartet No. I
05. Allegretto grazioso

String Quartet No. 3
06. Moderato

Lev Knipper
String Quartet No. 3
07. I. Allegro moderato
08. II. Allegro
09. III. Andante
10. IV. Adagio

Novosibirsk “Filarmonica” String Quartet
Valery Karchagin, violin
Oxana Anisimova, violin
Vladimir Kopylov, viola
Nikolai Girunyan, cello

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  1. Russian stuff, great thing! Mosolov is best known for his “Zavod”, but his piano work is great, too. I am much interested in the Goedicke…

    Thank you, whatever!

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