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Rovatkay: Werner – Salve Reginas, Pastorellas (24/96 FLAC)

Rovatkay: Werner - Salve Reginas, Pastorellas (24/96 FLAC)
Rovatkay: Werner – Salve Reginas, Pastorellas (24/96 FLAC)


Composer: Gregor Joseph Werner
Performer: La Festa Musicale, Markus Flaig, Georg Poplutz, Magdalene Harer, Johannes Euler
Conductor: Lajos Rovatkay
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Audite
Release: 2021
Size: 1.32 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Salve Regina III/104
01. I. Salve Regina – Ad te Clamamus
02. II. Eja Ergo
03. III. Et Jesum
04. IV. O Clemens

Pastorella III/299
05. I. Vivace
06. II. Siciliana
07. III. Allegro

Salve Regina III/127
08. I. Salve Regina
09. II. Ad te Clamamus
10. III. Eja Ergo
11. IV. Et Jesum
12. V. O Clemens

Pastorella III/298
13. I. Tempo ordinario – Largo
14. II. Allegro

Salve Regina (Eisenstadt)
15. I. Salve Regina
16. II. Ad te Clamamus
17. III. Eja Ergo
18. IV. Et Jesum
19. V. O Clemens

Pastorella (Eisenstadt)
20. I. Andante
21. II. Larghetto
22. III. Allegro

Pastorella III/289
23. I. Andante Moderato
24. II. Larghetto
25. III. Allegro

alve Regina III/111
26. SI. Salve Regina – Ad te Clamamus
27. SII. Eja Ergo
28. SIII. Et Jesum
29. SIV. O Clemens

Pastorella III/301
30. I. Andante
31. II. Larghetto
32. III. Allegro

Salve Regina III/130
33. I. Salve Regina
34. II. Vita Dulcedo
35. III. Ad te Clamamus
36. IV. Eja Ergo
37. V. Et Jesum
38. VI. O Clemens
39. VII. O clemens (Fugato)

Pastorella III/300
40. I. Larghetto
41. II. Largo
42. III. Allegro

Salve Regina III/121
43. I. Salve Regina
44. II. Ad te Clamamus
45. III. Eja Ergo
46. IV. Et Jesum
47. V. O Clemens

48. O clemens, o pia (Alla Capella)

With this recording la festa musicale follows up on the outstanding success of its first release with works by Venturini and once again dedicates itself to high-quality but unknown repertoire: Gregor Joseph Werner (1693-1766), a titan on the threshold of Viennese Classicism, was Kapellmeister and immediate predecessor of Joseph Haydn at the Esterházy court. He was above all a supreme master of Latin musica sacra, though most of his instrumental music has been lost.

Werner’s compositions, including his Salve Reginas and Pastorellas presented here, display beguiling melodic invention and bold harmonic expressivity combined with enormous contrapuntal skill. Haydn profited considerably from his predecessor and actual teacher; the gallant, erudite synthesis of the late Mozart is already largely preformed in Werner. Werner’s œuvre, which is difficult to access and has survived almost exclusively in individual parts, has been researched by Lajos Rovatkay – also the conductor of this recording – in decades of work. Together with the top-ranking ensemble of soloists and la festa musicale, impressive interpretations of the works of this unjustly neglected master have emerged.

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