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Reinhold Gliere – Symphony no.3 “Ilya Murometz” op. 42 (FLAC)

Reinhold Gliere: Symphony No. 3 (Ilya Murometz), Op. 42 (FLAC)
Reinhold Gliere: Symphony No. 3 (Ilya Murometz), Op. 42 (FLAC)

Orchestra: London Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Leon Botstein
Composer: Reinhold Gliere
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Telarc
Size: 288 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

1. Wandering Pilgrims: Il’ya Murometz and Svyatogor
2. Il’ya Murometz and Solovei the Brigand
3. At the Court of Vladimir the Mighty Sun
4. The Heroic Deeds and Petrification of Il’ya Murometz

Loads of Fun

This is called a symphony but it is really four tone poems with a story to tell. You can follow along with what is happening by reading the story in the booklet which comes with the disc. The sound is very good but you should play it as loudly as your neighbors or wife permit. It is much more exciting that way and it also permits you to hear the softer sounds. I heard this work recently at Carnegie Hall and this version certainly stands up to that/ However, I must say that (as in all recordings), you should own at least good audio components as boom boxes will not do especially for classical music. I recommend “Ilya Murometz” for both the sound and the performance. Purchased from Amazon of course.

I guess I heard a different symphony since others have condemned this version. Yet, in one of the music magazines I read, the critic picked the Telarc version as the best one available at present. Again, I am reminded that every human being is unique and has different tastes, especially in classical music. I will continue to play the Telarc until a new one comes out in order to hear the difference of this seldom heard work.

I just found the review
mentioned above. It is in the 2012 Gramophone Classical Music Guide and I quote:

“The LSO and Leon Bostein have the edge in almost every respect over rival performances . . . and Telarc’s recording is a degree or two more spacious, without ever feeling overblown.” I guess there is no right or wrong here despite the harsh words written above. Happy listening.

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