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Petrou: Handel – Oreste (2 CD, APE)

Petrou: Handel - Oreste (2 CD, APE)
Petrou: Handel - Oreste (2 CD, APE)

Performer: Mary-Ellen Nesi, Maria Mitsopoulou, Mata Katsuli
Orchestra: Camerata Stuttgart
Conductor: George Petrou
Composer: Georg Friedrich Handel
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: MD&G Records
Size: 584 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Disc: 1
01. Ouverture – Camerata Stuttgart
02. Act I: Aria – Pensieri, Voi Mi Tormente – Mary-Ellen Nesi
03. Act I: Recitativo Ed Accompagnato – O Tu Del Gran Toante/Ma Tu Non M’odi Ancora? – Mary-Ellen Nesi
04. Act I: Aria – Bella Calma – Mata Katsuli
05. Act I: Recitativo – Sul Tiranno Toante – Mary-Ellen Nesi
06. Act I: Aria – Agitato Da Fiere Tempeste – Mary-Ellen Nesi
07. Act I: Recitativo – D’Argo E Costui? – Mata Katsuli
08. Act I: Aria – Dirti Vorrei – Mata Katsuli
09. Act I: Recitativo – Udisti, Filotete? – Nicholas Spanos
10. Act I: Aria – Orgogliosetto Va L’augelletto – Nicholas Spanos
11. Act I: Recitativo – Ecco, Al Fine Son Giunta – Maria Mitsopoulou
12. Act I: Aria – Io Sperai Di Veder Il Tuo Volto – Maria Mitsopoulou
13. Act I: Recitativo – Ermione, E Quando Mai/O Voi, Che A Questi Lidi/Costei Quando E Leggiarda – Nicholas Spanos
14. Act I: Aria – Vado Intrepido Alla Morte – Antonis Koroneos
15. Act I: Recitativo -Bella, Non Lagrimar – Maria Mitsopoulou
16. Act I: Aria – Pensa Ch’io Sono Un Rege Amante – Petros Magoulas
17. Act I: Recitativo – In Queste Piaggie Apriche – Maria Mitsopoulou
18. Act I: Aria – Dite Pace E Fulminate – Maria Mitsopoulou
19. Act I: Balli: Gavotte – Camerata Stuttgart
20. Act I: Balli: Gavotte – Camerata Stuttgart
21. Act I: Balli: Jigg – Camerata Stuttgart
22. Act II (I): Sinfonia – Camerata Stuttgart
23. Act II (I): Recitativo – Questo E Pur L’Atrio/Non E Pilade Quegli/Cosi Traete Al Sacrificio Il Reo?/Un Vir Straniero Accompagnato/Si, Venite – Mary-Ellen Nesi
24. Act II (I): Aria – Empio, Se Mi Dai Vita – Mary-Ellen Nesi
25. Act II (I): Recitativo – Non Osi Alcuno Di Macchiar Le Mani/Concedimi Ch’io Possa – Mary-Ellen Nesi
26. Act II (I): Aria – Se’l Caro Figlio – Mata Katsuli
27. Act II (I): Recitativo – Ascoltami, Ben Mio/Partir Si Deve – Mary-Ellen Nesi
28. Act II (I): Aria – Caro Amico, A Morte Io Vo – Antonis Koroneos
29. Act II (I): Recitativo – Ingiusti Numi – Mary-Ellen Nesi
30. Act II (I): Aria – Un Interrotto Affetto – Mary-Ellen Nesi
31. Act II (I): Recitativo – Bella Ifigenia – Mata Katsuli
32. Act II (I): Aria – Qualor Tu Paga Sei – Nicholas Spanos
33. Act II (I): Recitativo – Palpita In Seno Il Cor – Mary-Ellen Nesi
34. Act II (I): Aria – Sento Nell’alma – Mata Katsuli

Disc: 2
01. Act II (II): Recitativo – Grazie Alli Sommi Dei – Mary-Ellen Nesi
02. Act II (II): Aria – Dopo L’orrore – Mary-Ellen Nesi
03. Act II (II): Recitativo – O Mio Diletto Sposo – Mary-Ellen Nesi
04. Act II (II): Aria Vola L’augello – Maria Mitsopoulou
05. Act II (II): Recitativo – Tanto Ardir/Ermione! Sposo! Oh Dei – Mary-Ellen Nesi
06. Act II (II): Duetto – Ah, Mia Cara – Mary-Ellen Nesi
07. Act II (II): Balli: Prelude – Camerata Stuttgart
08. Act II (II): Balli: Air – Camerata Stuttgart
09. Act II (II): Balli: Ballo – Camerata Stuttgart
10. Act III: Sinfonia – Camerata Stuttgart
11. Act III: Recitativo – Si Guidi A Me – Maria Mitsopoulou
12. Act III: Aria – Tu Di Pieta Mi Spogli – Petros Magoulas
13. Act III: Recitativo – A Morte Va Lo Sposo! – Maria Mitsopoulou
14. Act III: Aria – Piango Dolente Il Sposo – Maria Mitsopoulou
15. Act III: Recitativo – Bella Ifigenia, In Vano – Mata Katsuli
16. Act III: Aria – Mostratevi Serene – Nicholas Spanos
17. Act III: Volesse Il Ciel – Mata Katsuli
18. Act III: Aria – Mi Lagnero, Tacendo – Mata Katsuli
19. Act III: Recitativo – Ola, Piu Non S’induggi – Mary-Ellen Nesi
20. Act III: Aria – Non Sempre Invendicato – Maria Mitsopoulou
21. Act III: Recitativo – Nel Regio Editto – Mary-Ellen Nesi
22. Act III: Coro Di Popolo E Sinfonia – Mary-Ellen Nesi
23. Act III: Aria – Del Fasto Di Quell’alma – Antonis Koroneos
24. Act III: Recitativo – Popoli, Il Giogo Infame – Mary-Ellen Nesi
25. Act III: Aria – In Mille Dolci Modi – Mary-Ellen Nesi
26. Act III: Balli: Gavotte – Camerata Stuttgart
27. Act III: Balli: Menuet – Camerata Stuttgart
28. Act III: Balli: Menuet – Camerata Stuttgart
29. Act III: Coro – Bella Sorge La Speranza – Camerata Stuttgart

An incredibly spirited recording of a superb Handel pasticcio

For those of use who love Handel’s operas, there is absolutely no reason to look down on a “pasticcio”, or a work put together carefully out of music that the composer has already written for other works. Handel pasticcios can be as good as his original operas. And when one puts together a group of (mostly Greek) singers and musicians as good as the group assembled for this beautiful recording, one finds oneself in the face of another masterpiece of Handel’s opera oeuvre. Because of the distinctive personalities of the soloists and the conductor, this recording is quite a different experience from the great Alan Curtis recordings (not to mention Diego Fasolis) that have been enriching the Handel repertoire jrecently. The fact is, because every one of Handel’s operas has a distinctive feel and style, we are never bored on hearing new works, and the more we hear of them the more we enjoy the other great works that may come our way, dropping from the sky like mana from Heaven for those of us whose spiritual life is sustained by that mana. If Petrou’s Camerata Stuttgart recordings of the Greek-themes operas can re-open to us more of Handel’s great oeuvre, delighting us and refining our spirits at the end of a hard working day, then more power to them. This is a delightful recording, technically as well as in the quality of the musicians and soloists, and Handel lovers will certainly want to include it their collections — without fail.

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