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Penderecki – A Sea of Dreams Did Breathe on Me (FLAC)

Penderecki - A Sea of Dreams Did Breathe on Me (FLAC)
Penderecki – A Sea of Dreams Did Breathe on Me (FLAC)

Composer: Krzysztof Penderecki
Performer: Agnieszka Rehlis, Izabela Matula, Leszek Skrla
Orchestra: Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Wojciech Rajski
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Dux
Catalogue: DUX0963
Release: 2014
Size: 194 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: coer

Powialo na mnie morze snów…
Part 1 “Ogrod zaklety”
01. No. 1. Dzieci w makach
02. No. 2. Pod jednym drzewem niezbadanym
03. No. 3. Prosba o wyspy szczesliwe
04. No. 4. Jesienne lasy poczerwienione
05. No. 5. Proznia, Drzewo samotne
06. No. 6. Aniol Panski

Part 2 “Co mowi noc?”
07. No. 7. Niebo w nocy
08. No. 8. Cisza
09. No. 9. Co mowi noc
10. No. 10. Powialo na mnie morze snow
11. No. 11. O nocy cicha

Part 3 “Bylem u ciebie w te dni przedostatnie…”
12. No. 12. “Requiem” Fortepian Szopena I
13. No. 13. Widze kraj jakis w oddali
14. No. 14. Fortepian Szopena II
15. No. 15. Zahuczal wicher
16. No. 16. Jesli Cie zapomne walczaca Warszawo
17. No. 17. Pan Cogito mysli o powrocie do rodzinnego miasta
18. No. 18. Fortepian Szopena III
19. No. 19. Grob Potockiej, VIII Sonet Krymski
20. No. 20. Do sosny polskiej znalezionej w jednym z ogrodow w Chatenay
21. No. 21. Aniol Panski

The core of Penderecki’s work is based on contemporary Polish poetry, which gave the composer the initial impulse and was the source of his fascination while making the preliminary sketches. The first two of three movements of A sea of dreams did breathe on me contain texts centred on the work’s two main ‘themes’: The enchanted garden and What does the night say? The composer takes us first into a world of fairy-tale and fantasy and then into a nightmarish world and finally, connections with Chopin in I visited you in these near-final days. There is no denying that in his Songs of reflection and nostalgia the composer pays tribute to this aesthetic category, which has for years been ignored in contemporary art. It is at the same time a homage to Chopin and to Polish poetry, the objects of Penderecki’s late, mature love.

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