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Ole Bull – Violin Concertos (24/96 DVD-A)

Ole Bull - Violin Concertos (DVD-A)
Ole Bull - Violin Concertos (DVD-A)

Composer: Ole Bull
Performer: Annar Follesø
Orchestra: Norwegian Radio Orchestra
Conductor: Ole Kristian Ruud
Audio DVD (BD-rip)
Audio: 5.1 MLP 24/96, 2.0 MLP 24/96
Number of Discs: 1
Format: ISO
Label: 2L
Size: 4.41 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Saterjentens Sondag (The Herdgirl’s Sunday)
02. Concerto in A major: Andante maestoso / Allegro maestoso
03. Concerto in A major: Adagio sentimentale (Adagio sostenuto)
04. Concerto in A major: Rondo pastorale (Moderato)
05. Concerto Fantastico: Allegro Affetuoso (La Notte)
06. Concerto Fantastico: Adagio Sostenuto (L’Aurora)
07. Concerto Fantastico: Rondo Marcato (A Giorno)
08. I Ensomme Stunde (La Melancolie)
09. La Verbena de San Juan
10. Et Saterbesog (A Mountain Vision)

10 thoughts on “Ole Bull – Violin Concertos (24/96 DVD-A)”

  1. thank you for all you do! really I had to buy a DAC and new audio-monitor for your 192 and 96 khz records. I did it and … Whaou ! thanks to you my friend !
    excuse my English … Psydoc

  2. It’s a wonderfull night :lol: I can listening all ole Bull.. Wonderfull music
    Thanks again

    PS the last file of the stereo file is an 5.1 files ?? No problem with foobar I can read all

  3. Dear Whatever, :lol: I’ve just discover your blog ….So many thing to discover
    Many Thanks For this special one. I’m not ready not for this evening I have a low speed connection but probably for tomorrow night it would be good.
    You’re High definition files sound great in my living room. I simply play them direct from a PC+foobar+USB sound card E-MU202+Proton amplifire and JBL speaker S2600
    In front of my cd player the listening of your Columbia Symphony Orchestra with Bruno walter Beethoven – Symphony no.5 sound really better.
    This symphony is my fist love with classical music.It’s a great pleasure to obtain such sound in my living room, probably the music arrive with a peace of your heart?
    May thanks

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