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Ogawa: Satie – Piano Music vol.4. relâche/Cinéma (24/96 FLAC)

Ogawa: Satie - Piano Music vol.4. relâche/Cinéma (24/96 FLAC)

Ogawa: Satie – Piano Music vol.4. relâche/Cinéma (24/96 FLAC)

Composer: Erik Satie
Performer: Noriko Ogawa
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: BIS
Release: 2021
Size: 1.14 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Mercure, Scene 1 (Version for Solo Piano)
01. No. 1, Ouverture
02. No. 2, La nuit
03. No. 3, Danse de tendresse
04. No. 4, Signes du zodiaque
05. No. 5, Entrée et danse de Mercure

Mercure, Scene 2 (Version for Solo Piano)
06. No. 6, Danse des Grâces
07. No. 7, Bain des Grâces
08. No. 8, Fuite de Mercure
09. No. 9, Colère de Cerbère

Mercure, Scene 3 (Version for Solo Piano)
10. No. 10, Polka de lettres
11. No. 11, Nouvelle danse
12. No. 12, Le chaos
13. No. 13, Rapt de Proserpine

La belle excentrique (Version for Solo Piano) [Excerpts]
14. II. Marché franco-lunaire
15. III. Valse du mystérieux baiser dans l’oeil

16. Les pantins dansent (Arr. for Solo Piano)
17. Les pantins dansent (First Version) [Arr. for Solo Piano]

Carnet d’esquisses et de croquis
18. No. 18, Petit prelude de “La mort de Monsieur Mouche”

Le Piège de Méduse, 7 dances for piano
19. No. 1, Quadrille
20. No. 2, Valse
21. No. 3, Pas vite
22. No. 4, Mazurka
23. No. 5, Un peu vif
24. No. 6, Polka
25. No. 7, Quadrille

Jack in the Box
26. I. Prélude
27. II. Entr’acte
28. III. Final

Relâche, Act I (Version for Solo Piano)
29. No. 1, Ouverturette
30. No. 2a, Projectionnette
31. No. 2b, Rideau
32. No. 3, Entrée de la femme
33. No. 4, Musique entre l’entrée de la femme
34. No. 5, Entrée de l’homme
35. No. 6, Danse de la porte tournante
36. No. 7, Entrée des hommes
37. No. 8, Danse des hommes
38. No. 9, Danse de la femme
39. No. 10, Final

40. Cinéma

Relâche, Act II (Version for Solo Piano)
41. No. 11, Musique de rentrée
42. No. 12, Rentrée des hommes
43. No. 13, Rentrée de la femme
44. No. 14, Les hommes se dévêtissent
45. No. 15, Danse de l’homme et de la femme
46. No. 16, Les hommes regagnent leur place
47. No. 17, Danse de la brouette
48. No. 18, Danse de la couronne
49. No. 19, Le danseur dépose la couronne
50. No. 20, La femme rejoint son fauteuil
51. No. 21, Petite danse finale. La queue du chien

For the fourth instalment in her acclaimed Satie cycle, Noriko Ogawa has gathered music written for the stage – from the pantomime Jack in the Box (1899) to the ballet Relâche (1924) – one of Satie’s last works. Several of the pieces exist in different scorings, but the piano versions heard here are all Satie’s own. Throughout the programme, what comes across strongly is the influence of music hall and cabaret; composed in 1900, Prélude de « La mort de Monsieur Mouche » even offers a hint of the ragtime, one of the first appearances of the genre in European music.

Stage projects are as a rule collaborative efforts, and among Satie’s collaborators were some of the leading names of the art world at the time, including Jean Cocteau, Picasso, the Dadaist poet and painter Francis Picabia, and film director René Clair. Satie’s score Cinéma has been called one of the first synchronized film scores.

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