Niklas Liepe - The New Paganini Project (24/48 FLAC)
Niklas Liepe – The New Paganini Project (24/48 FLAC)

Composer: Niccolol Paganini
Performer: Niklas Liepe
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Sony
Release: 2018
Size: 1.03 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

24 Caprices for violin solo op. 1
with newly composed orchestral accompaniment
01. No. 1 in E Major
02. No. 2 in B Minor
03. No. 3 in E Minor
04. No. 4 in C Minor, “Transformation concertante”
05. No. 5 in A Minor
06. No. 6 in G Minor, “Trance”
07. No. 7 in A Minor
08. No. 8 in E-Flat Major
09. No. 9 in E Major, “La chasse”
10. No. 10 in G Minor, “Danse macabre”
11. No. 11 in C Major
12. No. 12 in A-Flat Major
13. No. 13 in B-Flat Major
14. No. 14 in E-Flat Major
15. No. 15 in E Minor
16. No. 16 in G Minor
17. No. 17 in E-Flat Major
18. No. 18 in C Major
19. No. 19 in E-Flat Major
20. No. 20 in D Major
21. No. 21 in A Major
22. No. 22 in F Major
23. No. 23 in E-Flat Major
24. No. 24 in A Minor

Bonus: Fazil Say
25. Paganini-Jazz for Piano (Arr. for Jazz Quartet)

The Idea: The 24 Caprices by Niccolò Paganini can be re-experienced in a totally new sound image. Partly, there are arrangements of the caprices for violin and piano by already deceased composers such as Robert Schumann and Fritz Kreisler. Prof. N. Tarkmann, who already arranged music for Jonas Kaufmann and Anna Netrebko, will arrange these versions for the new instrumentation violin and orchestra. Additionally, contemporary composers such ans Fazil Say and Andrea Csollány created completely new arrangements for the solo caprices.
The special challenge for the composers is to ensure that the orchestra is not only a petty sound carpet but to create a new, edgy and top-class compendium on the basis of Paganini’s caprices. The famous original artistically-compositionally charges the new works and accords the orchestra a technically, compositionally and artistically demanding task. Meanwhile, the virtousity of the violin must not be impaired.
The “Caprices are much more than just ‘technical studies’, each of them is a little jewel for every violinist to date”, says the young violinist. He made it his business too give these jewels a new cutting.

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