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My Precious Manuscript (24/88 FLAC)

My Precious Manuscript (24/88 FLAC)
My Precious Manuscript (24/88 FLAC)

Performer: La Sainte Folie Fantastique
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Alpha
Size: 1.23 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Sonate et suite «a due»
01 I. Sonata
02 II. Allemande
03 III. Courant
04 IV. Ballett
05 V. Sarabanda
06 VI. Gigue

Henry Butler († 1652)
07 Sonata No. 28 in G minor (attrib. to G. Zamponi)

08 Sonata No. 24 in A major [Durham Manuscript MS mus D2]
09 Daphne [1670s, Utrecht University, Camphuysen manuscript]

William Young († 1662)
10 Sonata No. 21 in D minor

Heinrich Scheidemann (1595-1663)
11 Mascarata and Variatio in G major, WV 110 (arr. for chamber ensemble)

Henry Butler († 1652)
12 Aria No. 20 in E minor

John Jenkins (1592-1678)
Aria en La Majeur et Courent 17 en La mineur
13 Aria in A major
14 Courante in A minor

Manchester lyra viol book, Durham Manuscript MS mus D2
15 What if a day
16 Fortune

Henry Butler († 1652)
17 Sonata No. 20 in G major

William Brade (1560-1630)
18 Coral

Heinrich Scheidemann (1595-1663)
19 Courante and variations in D minor

20 Sonata No. 27 in D minor [Durham MS mus D2]

Diettrich Stoeffken († 1673)
Preludium et almande
21 Preludium
22 Almande

Dietrich Becker (1623-1679)
23 Sonata No. 25 in D major

La Sainte Folie Fantastique^
Jerôme van Waerbeke – violon
Lucile Boulanger – viole de gambe
Arnaud De Pasquale – clavecin et orgue
Thomas Dunford – archiluth

Four musicians among the most talented of their generation join forces to play unknown manuscripts containing unpublished sonatas by Young, Abell and anonymous composers-all this plus the complicity of Thomas Dunford and Jerome van Waerbeke.

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