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Molinari-Pradelli: Puccini – Turandot (2 CD, FLAC)

Molinari Pradelli: Puccini - Turandot (2 CD, FLAC)
Molinari Pradelli: Puccini - Turandot (2 CD, FLAC)

Performer: Birgit Nilsson, Franco Corelli, Bonaldo Giaiotti, Renata Scotto, Angelo Mercuriali
Orchestra: Rome Opera Theater Orchestra & Chorus
Conductor: Francesco Molinari Pradelli
Composer: Giacomo Puccini
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2
Format: FLAC (tracks+cue)
Label: EMI Classics
Size: 555 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Turandot, opera
Composed by Giacomo Puccini
Performed by Rome Opera Theater Orchestra & Chorus
with Renata Scotto, Giuseppe Morresi, Bonaldo Giaiotti, Piero de Palma, Franco Ricciardi, Birgit Nilsson, Franco Corelli, Guido Mazzini, Angelo Mercuriali
Conducted by Gianni Lazzari, Francesco Molinari Pradelli

Disc 1:
Act 1

01. Popolo di Pekino! (Mandarin, Crowd, Guards, Liù)
02. Padre! Mio padre! (Calaf, Guards, Liù, Crowd, Timur)
03. Perduta la battaglia (Timur, Calaf, Liù, Crowd)
04. Gira la cote! Gira! (Crowd, Executioner’s men)
05. Perché tarda la luna? (Crowd)
06. Là, sui monti dell’est (Children)
07. O giovinetto! (Crowd, Calaf, White Priests)
08. Figlio, che fai? (Timur, Calaf, Liù, Prince of Persia, Crowd)
09. Fermo! che fai? T’arresta! (Ministers [Ping,Pang & Pong], Calaf)
11. Guardalo, Pong! (Ministers, Timur)
12. Non indugiare! (Phantoms, Calaf, Ministers, Timur)
13. Signore, ascolta! (Liù)
14. Non piangere, Liù (Calaf, Liù, Timur)
15. Ah! per l’ultima volta! (Timur, Liù, Ministers, Calaf, All others)

Act 2
16. Scene 1: Olà Pang! Olà Pong! (Ministers)
17. Scene 1: O Cina, o Cina (Ministers)
18. Scene 1: Ho una casa nell’Honan (Ministers)
19. Scene 1: O mondo, pieno di pazzi innamorati! (Ministers, Chorus)
20. Scene 1: Addio, amore! (Ministers)
21. Scene 1: Soi si sogna (Ministers)
22. Scene 2: Gravi, enormi ed imponenti (Crowd)
23. Scene 2: Un giuramento atroce mi costringe (Emperor, Calaf)
24. Scene 2: Diecimilia anni al nostro Imperatore! (Crowd, Mandarin, Children)

Disc 2:
01. Scene 2: In questa reggia (Turandot, Corwd, Calaf)
02. Scene 2: Straniero, ascolta!…Nella cupa notte (Turandot, Calaf, Sages)
03. Scene 2: Guizza al pari di fiamma (Turandot, Emperor, Crowd, Liù, Sages)
04. Scene 2: Gelo che ti dà foco (Turandot, Calaf, Sages, Crowd)
05. Scene 2: Gloria, o vincitore! (Crowd)
06. Scene 2: Figlio del cielo! (Turandot, Emperor, Crowd, Calaf)
07. Scene 2: Tre engimi m’hai proposto! (Calaf, Emperor)
08. Scene 2: Ai tuoi peidi ci prostriam (Crowd)

Act 3
09. Scene 1: Così comanda Turandot (Heralds, Distant voices)
10. Scene 1: Nessun Dorma (Calaf, Women’s voices)
11. Scene 1: Tu che guardi le stelle (Ministers, CAlaf, Women, crowd, Guards)
12. Scene 1: Principessa divina! (Ping, Turandot, Calaf, Liù, Crowd)
13. Scene 1: Quel nome! (Ping, Liù, Timur, Calaf, Crowd, Turandot)
14. Scene 1: L’amore? Tanto amore (Turandot, Liù, Ping, Calaf, Crowd)
15. Scene 1: Tu, che di gel sei cinta (Liù, Crowd, Calaf, Timur, Ping)
16. Scene 1: Liù ….bontà! (Timur, Ministers, Crowd)
17. Scene 1: Principessa di morte! (Calaf, Turandot)
18. Scene 1: Che è mai di me? (Turandot, Calaf, Voices within)
19. Scene 1: Del primo pianto (Turandot, Calaf)
20. Scene 1: La mia gloria è il tuo amplesso! (Turandot, Calaf)
21. Scene 2: Diecimila anni al nostro Imperatore! (Crowd, Turandot)

Completely changed my opinion about opera

I was never an opera fan, less an Italian opera fan, and even less a Puccini fan. This recording is astounding. Incredible cast and phenomenal playing. The music is lush, fascinating, and exciting.

My advice, if you’re getting into opera–look seriously at older recordings. Fancy sound is swell, pretty perfect voices are wonderful, but hell-for-leather recordings like this (which I honestly haven’t found in recent history–and believe me I’ve looked) are what will cinch it for you. I believe it’s the change in culture we’re hearing, and here let me chart that change for you: think Jackie Kennedy at the Paris Opera House. Now think of Paris Hilton. This is what has become of just our young sophisticated socialite culture. Across the board it’s pretty much the same decline. Who genuinely believes in Puccini any more?

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  1. my dear Whatever, you’re indulging me with Nilsson, right? It’s not just the queue….it’s me right?? :smile:

    Maybe it’s my crappy speakers, but ahhhhhh only her voice cuts through like a dagger to the heart

          1. ah, Whatever, I beg you, do nothing special for me. I am a total newcomer to this world. EVERYTHING is new to me. Perhaps I should be envied for all the new gems I have yet to discover on my journey?

            But it remains. I know nothing. Nothing, except that everything I download and listen to from this site takes me onto a higher plane of being. To being more than I was before. A more perfect human. More capable of understanding the world around him.

            I know that, and that and all my wine is gone

            these are the two things I know for sure. My car exploded (big ball of smoke) so I can get no more wine till next week….but I need no more. I will put on rachs rip of ballo in maschera (my next in queue), and I will listen to it in my dreams

            goodnight my friends. may the sweet music pervade your dreams

            1. ….those things, and also I know that Nilssons voice at certain frequencies makes my heart resonate and shatter like a wine glass.

              these things I know

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