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Michael Gielen Edition Volume 5: 1967-2014 (FLAC)

Michael Gielen Edition Volume 5: 1967-2014 (FLAC)
Michael Gielen Edition Volume 5: 1967-2014 (FLAC)

Composer: Béla Bartók, Igor Stravinsky
Performer: Christian Ostertag, Robert Leonardy, Anton Webern Choir of Freiburg, WDR Rundfunkchor Köln, SWR Vokalensemble, Christian Elsner, Rudolf Rosen, Stella Doufexis, Werner Hollweg, Edda Moser, Barry McDaniel
Orchestra: SWR Sinfonieorchester des Südwestrundfunks, Saarbrücken Radio Symphony Orchestra, WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln, SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg, Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart des SWR
Conductor: Michael Gielen
Number of Discs: 6
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: SWR Music
Catalogue: SWR19023CD
Release: 2017
Size: 1.83 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01
Bartók: The Wooden Prince Suite, BB 74, Sz. 60
01. I. Vorspiel: Molto moderato
02. II. Die Prinzessin: Allegretto scherzando
03. III. Der Wald: Assai moderato
04. IV. Arbeitslied des Prinzen: Allegro
05. V. Der Bach: Andante
06. VI. Tanz des holzgeschnizten Prinzen: Allegro
07. VII. Nachspiel: Moderato

Bartók: Concerto for Orchestra, BB 123, Sz.116
08. I. Introduzione: Andante non troppo – Allegro vivace
09. II. Giuoco delle coppie: Allegretto scherzando
10. III. Elegia: Andante non troppo
11. IV. Intermezzo interrotto: Allegretto
12. V. Finale: Presto

CD 02
Bartók: Four Orchestral Pieces Op. 12 (Sz 51)
01. I. Preludio: Moderato
02. II. Scherzo: Allegro
03. III. Intermezzo: Moderato
04. IV. Marcia funebre: Maestoso

Bartók: Violin Concerto No. 1, BB48a, Sz 36
05. I. Andante sostenuto
06. II. Allegro giocoso

Bartók: Music for Strings, Percussion & Celesta, BB 114, Sz. 106
07. I. Andante tranquillo
08. II. Allegro
09. III. Adagio
10. IV. Allegro molto

CD 03
Bartók: Dance Suite, BB 86, Sz. 77
01. I. Moderato
02. II. Allegro molto
03. III. Allegro vivace
04. IV. Molto tranquillo
05. V. Commodo
06. VI. Finale

Bartók: Piano Concerto No. 2, BB 101, Sz. 95
07. I. Allegro
08. II. Adagio – Più adagio – Presto
09. III. Allegro molto

Bartók: The Miraculous Mandarin, Op. 19, Sz. 73 (ballet)
10. Beginning
11. First seduction game: the shabby old rake
12. Second seduction game: the young student
13. Third seduction game
14. The Mandarin enters and remains immobile in the doorway
15. The girl collapses in the Mandarin’s lap
16. A wild chase begins
17. At last the three tramps … (Allegro molto)
18. Suddenly the Mandarin’s head appears between the pillows and he looks longingly at the girl
19. The terrified tramps discuss how they are to get rid of the Mandarin
20. The body of the Mandarin begins to glow with a greenish blue light
21. She resists no longer – they embrace
22. His longing stilled, the Mandarin’s wounds begin to bleed, he becomes weaker and dies

CD 04
Stravinsky: Symphony in 3 movements
01. I. quarter note = 160
02. II. Andante
03. III. Con moto

Stravinsky: Symphony in C
04. I. Moderato alla breve – Tempo agitato senza troppo accelerare – Tempo I
05. II. Larghetto concertante – Doppio movimento – Doppio valore
06. III. Allegretto
07. IV. Largo – Tempo giusto, alla breve

Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms
08. I. Exaudi orationem meam, Domine
09. II. Expectans expectavi, Dominum
10. III. Alleluia. Laudate Dominum

CD 05
01. Stravinsky: Zvezdolikiy (Le roi des étoiles)

Stravinsky: Canticum Sacrum
02. Dedicatio
03. Euntes in mundum
04. Surge, aquilo
05. Ad Tres Virtutes Hortationes: Caritas
06. Ad Tres Virtutes Hortationes: Spes
07. Ad Tres Virtutes Hortationes: Fides
08. Brevis Motus Cantilenae
09. Illi autem profecti

Stravinsky: Agon ‘Ballet for Twelve Dancers’
10. Pas de quatre
11. Double Pas de quatre
12. Triple Pas de quatre
13. Prelude
14. First Pas de trois: Saraband-Step
15. Gaillarde
16. Coda
17. Interlude
18. Second Pas de trois: Bransle Simple
19. Bransle Gay
20. Bransle Double (Bransle de Poitou)
21. Interlude
22. Pas de deux
23. Coda
24. 4 Duos
25. 4 Trios

Stravinsky: Requiem Canticles
26. Prelude
27. Exaudi
28. Dies irae
29. Tuba mirum
30. Interlude
31. Rex tremendae
32. Lacrimosa
33. Libera me
34. Postlude

35. Michael Gielen Talks About Variations

36. Stravinsky: Variations ‘Aldous Huxley in memoriam’

CD 06
Stravinsky: Pulcinella
01. Ouverture
02. Serenata: Larghetto – Mentre l’erbetta (Tenor)
03. Scherzino
04. Allegro
05. Andantino
06. Allegro
07. Ancora poco meno – Contento forse vivere (Soprano)
08. Allegro assai
09. Allegro – Con queste paroline (Bass)
10. Andante – Sento dire no’nce pace (Soprano, Tenor, Bass)
11. Presto – Una te fa la ‘nzemprece (Tenor)
12. Larghetto
13. Allegro
14. Tarantella
15. Se tu m’ami (Soprano)
16. Allegro
17. Gavotta con due variazioni
18. Vivo
19. Tempo di minuetto
20. Finale: Allegro assai

Stravinsky: Apollon musagète, Tableau I
21. The Birth of Apollo

Stravinsky: Apollon musagète, Tableau II
22. Apollo’s Variation
23. Pas d’action: Apollo and the Muses
24. Variation of Calliope
25. Variation of Polymnia
26. Variation of Terpsichore
27. Variation of Apollo
28. Pas de deux: Apollo and Terpsichore
29. Coda: Apollo and the Muses
30. Apotheosis: Apollo and the Muses

31. Stravinsky: Scherzo a la Russe

This fifth installment of the Michel Gielen Edition contains works by Bela Bartok and Igor Stravinsky. Gielen greatly admired these composers, whose works he frequently performed. We thus continue the editorial play for the Michael Gielen Edition. Volume 5 includes many first releases or recordings of Gielen from the 1960s and 1970s. Gielen is celebrating his 90th birthday in July, 2017. The album also contains a spoken section from Michael Gielen’s last concert with his SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg in 2014.

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