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Max Reger – Works for Orchestra (7 CD box set, APE)

Max Reger - Works for Orchestra (7 CD box set, APE)
Max Reger - Works for Orchestra (7 CD box set, APE)

Performer: Amadeus Webersinke
Orchestra: Berliner Staatskapelle, Staatskapelle Berlin, Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra, Dresden Staatskapelle, Dresden Philharmonic Orchestra, et al.
Conductor: Otmar Suitner, Franz Konwitschny, Heinz Bongartz, Herbert Blomstedt, Gunther Herbig, et al.
Composer: Max Reger
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 7 CD box set
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Berlin Classics
Size: 1.68 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Eine Ballettsuite op. 130 (1913)
Konzert im alten Stil op. 123 (1912)
Beethoven-Variationen op. 86 (1904, 1915)
Karl Suske (violin)

Heinz Schunk (violin) (op. 123)
Staatskapelle Berlin/Otmar Suitner

rec. 1973

Hiller-Variationen op. 100 (1907)
Gewandhausorchester Leipzig/Franz Konwitschny

rec. 1963

Mozart-Variationen op. 132 (1914)
Vier Tondichtungen nach A. Böcklin op. 128 (1913)
Walter Hartwich (violin) (Böcklin)
Staatskapelle Dresden/Heinz Bongartz (Böcklin)
Dresdner Philharmonie/Heinz Bongartz

rec. 1970

Sinfonietta op. 9 (1905)
An die Hoffnung op. 124 (1912)
Hymnus der Liebe op. 136 (1914)
Annelies Burmeister (alto) (opp. 124, 136)
Günter Siering (violin) (op. 9)
Dresdner Philharmonie/Heinz Bongartz (Sinfonietta)
Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester Leipzig/Heinz Bongartz

rec. 1973, 1969

Violinkonzert A-Dur op. 101 (1908)
Manfred Scherzer (violin)
Staatskapelle Dresden/Herbert Blomstedt

rec. 1984

Konzert für Klavier und Orchester f-Moll (1910)
Amadeus Webersinke (piano)
Dresdner Philharmonie/Günther Herbig

rec. 1973

Symphonischer Prolog zu einer Tragödie op. 108 (1908)
Eine romantische Suite op. 125 (1912)
Rundfunk-Sinfonie-Orchester Berlin/Heinz Rögner

rec. 1974

Early Xenakis orchestral music.

This fifth volume in Tympani’s series of CD’s covering Xenakis’ orchestral works includes his earliest works in the medium, all of them top-flight masterpieces. His exploration of music as statistical sound combinations (never “patterns” as there is no overt repetition, the sound being more “sculpted” rather than “stamped out”) was so utterly unheard-of and unique that it rendered his early works well-nigh unintelligible to audiences of the time. There were often riots at his early performances, which ironically helped put him on the map. These works still can shock, fifty years after their premieres! The performances, recordings, liner notes and all are first-rate all around. Kudos to Tympani for bringing this series about.

8 thoughts on “Max Reger – Works for Orchestra (7 CD box set, APE)”

  1. Instant grab of an uneven collection. Cf. the two concertos: the impression of the weaker Violin work just running over the dull Piano one through sheer performance strength! But the Hillers are hard to find, as is the Sinfonietta, and they alone weigh up for the entire set. Other means of optimal introduction includes the Cello Solo Suites, Psalm 100, String Quartets 3-5 and Sextet, Piano Trios and Quartets, Violin Sonatas 5 and 8, a cappella Motets, Hebbel Requiem, Latin Requiem fragment (but skip that Kyrie), works for two pianos, two violins, Organ… oh well … –Thank you.

  2. This box set is an ideal beginning for all who wants to become acquainted with a little-known and stronlgly underestimated great composer – Max Reger.
    To understand the greatness of Reger’s music is one of the most difficult problems for an amateur of classical music. But the thing is worth the effort!
    P.S. After the orchestral music, I recommend to try the solo violin works by Reger (especially Preludes, Fugues and Chaconne – compare them with Bach!). And when you will understand that Clarinet Quintet by Reger is of the same level as Mozart’s and Brahms’, when you will see, how inavoidable all notes in this difficult creation, – after that, I think, you will look for the rest of Reger’s vast output.

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