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Lemeshev: Opera Arias. 1953-1956 Recordings (APE)

Lemeshev: Opera Arias. 1953-1956 Recordings (APE)
Lemeshev: Opera Arias. 1953-1956 Recordings (APE)

Performer: Sergei Lemeshev
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: APE (image+cue)
Size: 263 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. Каватина Альмавивы
02. Канцона Альмавивы
03. Сцена и ария Альфреда
04. Песня певца за сценой
05. Песня индийского гостя
06. Ариозо Ленского
07. Баркарола Фра-Дьяволо
08. Речитатив и ария Фра-Дьяволо
09. Романс Вильгельма
10. Ария Вертера
11. Баллада Герцога
12. Песенка Герцога
13. Думка Йонтека
14. Каватина Берендея
15. Каватина Князя
16. Серенада Арлекина

3 thoughts on “Lemeshev: Opera Arias. 1953-1956 Recordings (APE)”

  1. WOW again!
    Two things: (1) Lemeshev just finished the aria from Fra Diavolo. Amazing! I did miss Jadlowker’s falsetto piece. Lemeshev just did a soft piano voice at that point. But his finish was grand full voice. I know the next aria also but can’t remember from what Opera; and his “Pourquoi me reveiller” from Werther is exquisite; and the two arias from Rigoletto, and his final decrescendo in La donna e mobile is similar to Corelli’s diminuendos.. Very nice.
    (2) I got Uploadstation free to work on this download, and on the Karajan Cosi highlights as well. More than 22 minutes a piece; oh, well, I got them. Couldn’t get jdownload to work; I’m not much of a techy.

    Again many thanks!

  2. WOW whatever,

    I’ve got some complete recordings on the Melodyia Label LPs of this tenor in Russian Operas, but in most ofthem he sounds tired.
    But in this Opera Arias 1953-56 he sounds fresh and delightful. Just now as I write I’m listening to the Song of the Indian from Sadko and he’s sounds better than on the LPs. His opening Barber of Seville arias really show he had a phenomenal voice. NO WONDER YOU UPLOADED SO MANY OF HIS ALBUMS.



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