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Leitner: Orff – Prometheus (2 CD, APE)

Leitner: Orff - Prometheus (2 CD, APE)
Leitner: Orff - Prometheus (2 CD, APE)

Composer: Carl Orff
Orchestra: Cologne Radio Orchestra
Conductor: Ferdinand Leitner
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Arts Music
Size: 476 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

# Prometheus desmotes, opera
Composed by Carl Orff
Performed by Cologne Radio Orchestra
with Keith Engen, Edda Moser, Raili Kostia, Colette Lorand, Fritz Uhl, Josef Greindl, Roland Hermann, Heinz Cramer, Sophia Sante
Conducted by Ferdinand Leitner

CD 01
1 Scene I. Power: To the earth’s remotest
2 Scene II. Prometheus: Oh thou bring sky of heaven
3 Scene III. Prometheus: Ha! Hold!
4 Scene IV. Oceanus: I am come to the goal of a long journey
5 Scene V. Chorus: I mourn over thee,Prometheus

CD 02
1 Scene VI. Io: What land is this? What people?
2 Scene VII. Chorus: Ah,sage,sage in sooth
3 Scene VIII. Prometheus: But stay, foronder I behold this lackey
4 Scene IX. Prometheus: Lo, no it hath passed from word to deed

A Masterpiece deglected…

This is by far and wide one of the greatest masterpieces of the 20th Century, and the greatest Masterpiece of Carl Orff.

Why has this operatic/cantatic work been deglected!??

To start, the play is based on Aeschylus’s “Prometheus Bound” it is spoken and sung COMPLETE in the ORIGINAL ANCIENT GREEK! Which not only facinates but also inspires us to great heights of knowledge and understanding of the Ancient Greek world!

We do not know how Ancient Greek was spoken or sung, so Carl Orff’s imagination has free reign in his creation.

I do feel that whenever I listen to this Magisterial and Apocalyptic work that I am getting ever closer to Ancient Greek Drama (which in my opinion were operas).

The music Orff has devised for Prometheus is potent, simple, clear, intense, and sparse, with emphasis on the dramatic impact rather than continuous melodious music (ie: Wagner/Strauss/Puccini). He gives the actors more of the “music” than he gives the orchestra.

You get the feeling that what Orff gives us could have actually been taking place back in ancient times. Although the soundscape of the work is modern it magically has an aura of ancient music at the same time!

Carl Orff was present in the studio sessions with Ferdinand Leitner during the recording, and was made after it’s stage premiere with the same conductor and cast.

This edition comes with a translated libretto (in English only).

An amazing work for all lovers of Orff, Aeschylus, and students of Ancient Greek language! I would suggest to get a copy before they discontinue it!

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