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Kunde – In Love and War (WAV)

Kunde - In Love and War (WAV)
Kunde – In Love and War (WAV)

All thanks fly to Bob

Composer: Gioachino Rossini
Performer: Gregory Kunde
Orchestra: Prague Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Prague Metropolitan Choir
Conductor: Marco Zambelli
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: WAV (tracks)
Label: Vai
Size: 662 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. L’italiana in Algeri: Languir per una bella
02. Il turco in Italia: Intensi! Ah tutto intensi…Ah, sì! la speme
03. Stabat mater: Cujus animam
04. Ermione: Reggia abborita…Ah! come nascondere
05. Tancredi: Oh Dio! Crudel!…Sì, virtù trionfi
06. La donna del lago: Qual rapido…Eccomi a voi, miei prodi
07. Ricciardo e Zoraide: S’ella m’ è ognor fedele…Qual sarà mai la gioia
08. Semiramide: La speranza, più soave…Sì, sperar voglio contento
09. La Cenerentola: Principe più non sei…Noi voleremo, domanderemo

I recommend this album

I guess I’m a little prejudice; I bought this album because I sing in the Gregory Kunde Chorale and because I have heard him live in some of our performances, and I find him to be an excellent singer and performer and a wonderful, inspiring chorale conductor; I wanted to have a sample of his works in my cd library. I was not concerned as was the earlier reviewer of hearing his ability to sing high notes. His overall presentation of a song his singing technique and all I know of his personality comes through in this recording.

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