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Krips: Mozart – Don Giovanni (3 CD box set, FLAC)

Krips: Mozart - Don Giovanni (3 CD box set, FLAC)
Krips: Mozart – Don Giovanni (3 CD box set, FLAC)

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Performer: Cesare Siepi, Kurt Bohme, Suzanne Danco, Anton Dermota, Lisa della Casa, Fernando Corena, Walter Berry, Hilde Gueden
Orchestra: Wiener Philharmoniker
Conductor: Josef Krisp
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Polygram Records / Decca
Size: 787 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Disc 1
01. Ouvertura
02. Introduzione – Notte E Giorno Faticar
03. Recitativo Accompagnato – Ma Qual Mai S’offre, O Dei
04. Recitativo – Orsu, Spicciati Presto
05. Aria – Ah! Chi Mi Dice Mai
06. Aria – Madamina, Il Catalogo E Questo
07. Coro – Giovinette Che Fate All’amore
08. Recitativo – Manco Male E Partita
09. Aria – Ho Capito, Signor Si
10. Recitativo – Alfin Siam Liberati
11. Duettino – La Ci Darem La Mano
12. Aria -_ Ah, Fuggi Il Traditor

Disc 2
01. Mi Par Ch’Oggi il Demonio Si Diverta
02. Non Ti Fidar, o Misera
03. Don Ottavio, Son Morta!
04. Or Sai Chi l’Onore
05. Dalla Sua Pace
06. Io Deggio ad Ogni Patto
07. Fin Ch’Han dal Vino
08. Masetto, Senti un Po’ !
09. Batti, Batti, O Bel Masetto
10. Presto, Presto, Pria Ch’Ei Venga
11. Bisogna Aver Coraggio
12. Riposate, Vezzose Ragazze!
13. Eh Via, Buffone
14. Ah! Taci, Ingiusto Core
15. Deh, Vieni alla Finestra
16. Metà di Voi Qua Vadano
17. Vedrai, Carino

Disc 3
01. Di Molte Faci Il Lume (Leporello)
02. Sola, Sola, In Buio Loco (Donna Elvira)
03. Ah, Pieti sIgnori Miei (Leporello)
04. Il Mio Tesoro Intanto (Don Ottavio)
05. In Quali Eccessi, O Numi (Donna Elvira)
06. Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Questa E Buona (Don Giovanni)
07. O Statua Gentilissima (Leporello)
08. Calmatevi, Idol Mio (Don Ottavio)
09. Non Mi Dir (Donna Anna)
10. Gi A Mensa E Preparata (Don Giovanni)
11. Don Giovanni, A Cenar Teco (Il Commendatore)
12. Ah, Dov’E Il Perfido

Best Don Giovanni?

Don Giovanni has been exceptionally well-represented on disc, and given the strengths of each performance, it is impossible to pick a “best” Don Giovanni. However, this legendary recording, made in 1955, has become my favorite. Why? The precision and perfect harmony of the singers. The timing is impeccable and they sing like the creation of a new entity made of two, sometimes 3 or 4, great singers combined. Hard to explain, but when you listen, you’ll understand. Rather than “best,” I would call this the first among firsts.

9 thoughts on “Krips: Mozart – Don Giovanni (3 CD box set, FLAC)”

  1. I see it exactly the same way as far as Krips’ core competence is concerned. A great conductor and especially opera conductor. But the time was also really different and, in my opinion, at least as far as the results are concerned, a better one. To be able to rehearse for weeks with stars like those listed here in an ensemble is a true luxury – and hardly imaginable today. Too bad that this recording has not yet been subjected to HD remastering. With Kleiber’s Le nozze di Figaro this was done very well.

  2. @ Rach : little mistake, the tag is krisp instead of krips. It’s a very little detail but all records of this wonderfull krips must not be missed in your excellent website !

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