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Kondrashin: Shostakovich – The 15 Symphonies (10 CD box set, FLAC)

Kondrashin: Shostakovich - The 15 Symphonies (10 CD box set, FLAC)
Kondrashin: Shostakovich - The 15 Symphonies (10 CD box set, FLAC)

Composer: Dmitri Shostakovich
Orchestra: Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra
Conductor: Kirill Kondrashin
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 10
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Melodiya
Size: 2.68 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01: Symphony 1,12
CD 02: Symphony 2,14
CD 03: Symphony 3,5
CD 04: Symphony 4
CD 05: Symphony 6,10
CD 06: Symphony 7
CD 07: Symphony 8
CD 08: Symphony 9,15
CD 09: Symphony 11
CD 10: Symphony 13

Rozhdestvensky’s excellent Shostakovich cycle

Gennadi Rozhdestvensky’s Shostakovich symphony cycle from the 1980s is, in my view, one of the three best cycles. These three are, in my preference order:

1. Kondrashin (originally Melodiya, now Russiandvd – a new remaster, available from Amazon sellers and at Ebay).

2. Rozhdestvensky (originally Melodiya, but it exists now also in a new Russian remaster from the VENEZIA label, in a fine slimline box which you can find at HMV’s internet shop in Japan or at Ebay).

3. Barshai (originally Regis, now in a Brilliant Classics box.)

The standard bargain choice is the Barshai box, which boasts very fine playing and fine sound. Kondrashin, my first choice, is quite expensive. But the Rozhdestvensky set should not be overlooked. First, the interpretations are both illuminating and moving, carefully structured and (mostly) beautifully played by a real Russian orchestra in fine form. Second, the new remaster – available at Ebay and at HMV in Japan – is a real bargain. You may grab it for $ 30 or less. Third, the remastered sound is mostly OK, even if Melodiya’s original recordings are a bit harsh. However, this is a minor complaint. Kondrashin’s set has much worse sound and costs more money. But in both cases, we have excellent, classical, powerful interpretations that hardly can be surpassed.

Shostakovich collectors need all cycles above, of course. But I warmly recommend a serious search for Gennadi Rozhdestvensky’s excellent cycle in its new incarnation.

5 thoughts on “Kondrashin: Shostakovich – The 15 Symphonies (10 CD box set, FLAC)”

  1. I heard this DIVINE boxset when it was first posted here. Just concentrate on the music. Let the music guide you and free you from all the non-musical sounds and the poor audio. When you go past that point, you’ll see why these cds are pure gold. Moscow Philharmonic destroys half a world (especially in the 5th and 7th), the sound of those russian player is something out of this world.

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