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Johnston, Harrhy, Howarth: Berkeley – Nelson (FLAC)

Johnston, Harrhy, Howarth: Berkeley - Nelson (FLAC)

Johnston, Harrhy, Howarth: Berkeley – Nelson (FLAC)

Composer: Lennox Berkeley
Performer: Elizabeth Bainbridge, Eiddwen Harrhy, Brian Rayner Cook, Philip O’Reilly, David Johnston, Roger Heath, Mary Thomas, Margaret Kingsley, Richard Angas, Eric Shilling, Richard Jackson, Francis Egerton, Harry Nicoll, Stephen Varcoe, Anthony Smith, BBC Singers
Orchestra: BBC Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Elgar Howarth
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Lyrita
Release: 2021
Size: 588 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Nelson, Op. 41
01. Mario! Sebastiano! Annibale!
02. Mercy, Child, a Carriage and Pair
03. Victory O Happy Day
04. Oh! With What Wonder
05. A Strange Little Hero
06. The Wine Waits
07. Very Well, Very Well
08. Choose Between Love and Death
09. You Do Well, My Lord
10 .That Is a Man’s Music
11. Another Day!
12. Welcome Ma’am
13. Indelicate Presumption
14. Nelson, Why Are You Silent?
15. Lord Nelson! Emma!
16. Tell Me Hardy, You Knew Lord Nelson
17. You Look Very Sombre, Gentlemen
18. Leave Me to Reflect
19. Lord Nelson a Messenger!
20. Today the Great Ship Sails
21. I Had Their Huzzaz Before
22. Are We Safe Hidden?
23 .Now We Pass Into the Future
24. Orchestral Interlude
25. Out of It All, Down Below Hatches
26. Make Way There!
27. Orchestral Interlude
28. And So Ma’am, He Died
29. Look, It Is Growing Dark

The opera centres on the love affair of Horatio Nelson, and Emma, Lady Hamilton. Completed in 1951, it was first performed in full in 1954. The British Embassy in Naples is the scene of a birthday party for Nelson, arranged to celebrate his victory at the Nile. He appears with ‘the sadness of the world upon his lips’ and while the other guests are dancing, Nelson, with Emma Hamilton, the Ambassador’s wife, beside him, hears a servant foretell his future unhappiness. This releases the passionate feelings of the couple for each other and the conflict in their lives.

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