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Jackson – Not no faceless Angel (FLAC)

Jackson - Not no faceless Angel (FLAC)
Jackson – Not no faceless Angel (FLAC)

Composer: Gabriel Jackson
Performer: Stephen Layton
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: Hyperion
Size: 278 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01. To Morning
02. Song (I Gaze Upon You)
03. Cecilia Virgo
04. Orbis Patrator Optime
05. Ave Maria
06. Hymn to the Trinity (Honor, Virtus Et Potestas)
07. Not No Faceless Angel
08. O Sacrum Convivium
09. Lux Mortuorum
10. Salve Regina
11. Salve Regina 2

Polyphony’s recordings of contemporary choral music are among Hyperion’s perennial bestsellers and have introduced thousands of listeners to magical new worlds of sound. On this new disc, under their inspirational director, Stephen Layton, the composer Gabriel Jackson gets the Polyphony treatment. Jackson’s uniquely appealing choral works have made him one of the most familiar names in the repertoire today. His liturgical pieces are in the repertoires of many of Britain’s leading cathedral and collegiate choirs and in 2003 he won the liturgical category at the inaugural British Composer Awards. His music is deeply attractive: meditative, contemplative and unashamedly spiritual.

Unsurpassed Choral Production

The production quality of this recording is particularly noteworthy: it succeeds in presenting the beauty of the choral sound without distortion or static, created on a velvety black foundation of silence that shows off to great advantage the impressive accomplishments of this very fine group singing this highly engaging music. The choral singing is always in perfect tune and well-balanced, with a refined vocal production that is both brave and happy. The women’s voices make me laugh with pleasure, spinning on their toes in the ionosphere without a net, and the men sing with a richness and penetration that stands firmly without aggression. Laudable performances all round. Jackson’s music is very much a part of that rich choral tradition that safeguards the classical music torch for our generation. Deeply pleasing on many levels.

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