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Irmer: Thalberg – Piano Music (FLAC)

Irmer: Thalberg - Piano Music (FLAC)
Irmer: Thalberg - Piano Music (FLAC)

Performer: Stefan Irmer
Composer: Sigismund Thalberg
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (tracks+cue)
Label: MD&G Records
Size: 210 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

01 Fantasie sur des themes de L’opera Moise de G. Rossini op.33

Douze Etudes / Zwolf Etuden op.26
02 Nr.1 Allegro
03 Nr.2 Allegro
04 Nr.3 Allegro moderato
05 Nr.4 Presto
06 Nr.5 Allegro
07 Nr.6 Presto. Molto agitato

08 Fantasie sur des motifs de La Donna del Lago op.40

Douze Etudes / Zwolf Etuden op.26
09 Nr.7 Allegretto moderato
10 Nr.8 Andante ma non troppo
11 Nr.9 Presto
12 Nr.10 Lento
13 Nr.11 Allegretto
14 Nr.12 Allegro

The Magnificent Thalberg

The history of piano virtuosity is full of references to the rivals of Liszt. Students of the period suggest that Liszt won out — and based on the monotonous uniformity of these opinions one wonders whether they merely evidence a single, endlessly recycled view. Kalkbrenner, Pixis, Dreyschock and Thalberg were all significant presences on stages and in salons but we hear almost none of their work today, even when modern recording technologies make recording their works relatively inexpensive. Indeed, it seems that most of the music that we hear of that Golden Age seems to be Liszt’s. Now Liszt was a wonderful, wonderful composer for piano, but it is nice to have the opportunity to come to our own views on the matter. The two Thalberg transcriptions featured here are, as expected, performed with splash, the Donna de Lago pastiche being especially enjoyable. But Thalberg’s etudes are thoughtful, meaty works that stay with the listener well after the recording ends. The pianist, Stefan Irmer, who previously recorded the delightful piano works of Rossini, approaches this music with the seriousness of purpose that made these works — and their composer — so popular in their and his time. I think these pieces are splendid, and Irmer a real find. Eviva!

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