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Immerseel: Berlioz, Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc (FLAC)

Immerseel: Berlioz, Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc (FLAC)
Immerseel: Berlioz, Debussy, Ravel, Poulenc (FLAC)

Composer: Hector Berlioz, Claude Achille Debussy, Modest Mussorgsky, Francis Poulenc, Maurice Ravel
Performer: Anima Eterna, Claire Chevalier, Jos van Immerseel, Katerina Chrobokova
Conductor: Jos van Immerseel
Number of Discs: 5
Format: FLAC (tracks)
Label: Alpha
Catalogue: ALPHA225
Release: 2015
Size: 2.46 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01
Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique, Op. 14
01. I. Rêveries, passions (Largo – Allegro agitato e appassionato assai – Religiosamente)
02. II. Un bal (Valse – Allegro non troppo)
03. III. Scène aux champs (Adagio)
04. IV. Marche au supplice (Allegretto non troppo)
05. V. Songe d’une nuit du sabbat (Larghetto – Allegro)

06. Berlioz: Le carnaval romain Overture, Op. 9

CD 02
01. Debussy: Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune

Debussy: La Mer
02. I. De l’aube à midi sur la mer
03. II. Jeux de vagues
04. III. Dialogue du vent et de la mer

Debussy: Images for orchestra, L. 122
05. III. Rondes de printemps
06. I. Gigues
07. II. Iberia “Par les rues et par les chemins”
08. II. Iberia “Les parfums de la nuit”
09. II. Iberia “Le matin d’un jour de fête”

CD 03
Ravel: Ma mère l’oye, cinq pièces enfantines (Suite pour orchestre), M. 60
01. I. Pavane de la Belle au bois dormant (Lent)
02. II. Petit Poucet (Très modéré)
03. III. Laideronnette, Impératrice des pagodes (Mouvement de marche)
04. IV. Les entretiens de la Belle et de la Bête (Mouvement de valse modéré)
05. V. Le jardin féerique (Lent et grave)

Mussorgsky: Pictures at an Exhibition 9Orchestrated by Maurice Ravel)
06. I. Promenade (I)
07. II. Gnomus
08. III. Promenade (II)
09. IV. The Old Castle
10. V. Promenade (III)
11. VI. The Tuileries
12. VII. Bydło
13. VIII. Promenade (IV)
14. IX. Ballet of the Chickens in Their Shells
15. X. Samuel Goldenberg & Schmuÿle
16. XI. The Marketplace at Limoges
17. XII. The Catacombs
18. XIII. Cum mortuis in lingua mortua
19. XIV. The Hut on Fowl’s Legs (Baba-Yaga)
20. XV. The Great Gate of Kiev

CD 04
01. Ravel: Boléro
02. Ravel: Pavane pour une infante défunte
03. Ravel: Concerto pour la main gauche, M. 82

Ravel: Rapsodie Espagnole
04. I. Prélude à la nuit
05. II. Malagueña
06. III. Habanera
07. IV. Feria

08. Ravel: La Valse

CD 05
Poulenc: Concerto in D minor for Two Pianos & Orchestra
01. I. Allegro ma non troppo
02. II. Larghetto
03. III. Finale (Allegro molto)

Poulenc: Suite française d’après Claude Gervaise, FP 80a
04. I. Bransle de Bourgogne
05. II. Pavane
06. III. Petite marche militaire
07. IV. Complainte
08. V. Bransle de Champagne
09. VI. Sicilienne
10. VII. Carillon

Poulenc: Concert champêtre
11. I. Allegro molto
12. II. Andante
13. III. Finale

Happy Birthday, Mister Jos! Jos Van Immerseel is celebrating his 70th birthday with three important releases that will punctuate the end of the year at Alpha: a symphonic programme (Janacek, Dvorak), a chamber music programme (Schubert) and a set grouping the rereleases of his recordings of French music.

These anthologies will once again demonstrate everything the pianofortist brings to the interpretation of the symphonic and chamber repertoires.

With his musicians and companions from Anima Eterna, he has created a veritable musical troupe, in turn students, orchestral players, soloists… Together, they carefully select the most appropriate instrument to interpret a given piece, prepared to wait several months if necessary for the instrument to be ready before programming it. And together, they seek the sound and style corresponding to their ideal.

The autumn of 2015 will therefore be placed under the magic of Jos’s fortepiano, the original colours of the brass section in Janacek’s Sinfonietta, the magnificent voices of Thomas Bauer and his schoolmates.

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