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Hogwood: Handel – Messiah, Athalia, Esther, La Resurrezione (FLAC)

Hogwood: Handel - Messiah, Athalia, Esther, La Resurrezione (FLAC)
Hogwood: Handel – Messiah, Athalia, Esther, La Resurrezione (FLAC)

Composer: George Frideric Handel
Orchestra: The Academy Of Ancient Music
Conductor: Christopher Hogwood
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: Decca
Size: 2.14 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

Emma Kirkby – soprano
Judith Nelson – soprano
Carolyn Watkinson – contralto
Paul Elliott – tenor
David Thomas – bass
Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford
Academy of Ancient Music
Christopher Hogwood – conductor
Based on 1754 version

CD 01
Part I
01. No.1: Sinfony
02. a No.2: Recitative- Comfort Ye My People
02. b No.3: Song- Every Valley Shall Be Exalted
03. No.4: Chorus- And The Glory Of The Lord
04. a No.5: Recitative- Thus Saith The Lord
04. b No.6: Song- But Who May Abide The Day Of His Coming?
05. No.7: Chorus- And He Shall Purify
06. a No.8: Recitative- Behold, A Virgin Shall Conceive
06. b No.9: Song- O Thou That Tellest Good Tidings To Zion
07. a No.10: Recitative- For Behold, Darkness Shall Cover The Earth
07. b No.11: Song- The People That Walked In Darkness
08. No.12: Chorus- For Unto Us A Child Is Born
09. No.13: Pifa
10. a No.14a: Recitative- There Were Shepherds, Abiding In The Field
10. b No.14b: Recitative- And Lo, The Angel Of The Lord Came Upon Them
10. c No.15: Recitative- And The Angel Said Unto Them
10. d No.16: Recitative- And Suddenly There Was With The Angel
10. e No.17: Chorus- Glory To God
11. No.18: Song- Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter Of Zion
12. a No.19: Recitative- Then Shall The Eyes Of The Blind
12..b No.20: Song- He Shall Feed His Flock
13. No.21: Chorus- His Yoke Is Easy, And His Burden Is Light

Part II
14. No.22: Chorus- Behold The Lamb Of God
15. No.23: Song- He Was Despised

CD 02
Part II
01. a No.24: Chorus- Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs
01. b No.25: Chorus- And With His Stripes We Are Healed
02. No.26: Chorus- All We Like Sheep Have Gone Astray
03. a No.27: Recitative- All They That See Him Laugh Him To Scorn
03. b No.28: Chorus- He Trusted In God
04. a No.29: Recitative- Thy Rebuke Hath Broken His Heart
04. b No.30: Song- Behold And See If There Be Any Sorrow
04. c No.31: Recitative- He Was Cut Off Out Of The Land Of The Living
05. No.32: Song- But Thou Didst Not Leave His Soul In Hell
06. No.33: Chorus- Lift Up Your Heads, O Ye Gates
07. a No.34: Recitative- Unto Which Of The Angels Said He At Any Time
07. b No.35: Chorus- Let All The Angels Of God Worship Him
08. No.36: Song- Thou Art Gone Up On High
09. No.37: Chorus- The Lord Gave The Word
10. No.38: Song- How Beautiful Are The Feet
11. No.39: Chorus- Their Sound Is Gone Out
12. a No.40: Song- Why Do The Nations So Furiously Rage Together?
12. b No.41: Chorus- Let Us Break Their Bonds Asunder
13. a No.42: Recitative- He That Dwelleth In Heaven
13. b No.43: Song- Thou Shalt Break Them
14. No.44: Chorus- Hallelujah

Part III
15. No.45: Song- I Know That My Redeemer Liveth
16. No.46: Chorus- Since By Man Came Death
17. a No.47: Recitative- Behold, I Tell You A Mystery
17. b No.48: Song- The Trumpet Shall Sound
18. a No.49: Recitative- Then Shall Be Brought To Pass
18. b No.50: Duet- O Death, Where Is Thy Sting?
19. No.51: Chorus- But Thanks Be To God
20. No.52: Song- If God Be For Us
21. No.53: Chorus- Worthy Is The Lamb That Was Slain
22. No.54: Chorus- Amen

English Oratorio in Three Acts
Athalia – Joan Sutherland
Josabeth – Emma Kirkby
Joas – Aled Jones
Joad – James Bowman
Mathan – Anthony Rolfe Johnson
Abner – David Thomas
Chorus of Young Virgins, Attendants, Sidonian Priests, Levites and Israelites – Choir of New College, Oxford
Chorus Master – Edward Higginbottom
The Academy of Ancient Music (on period Instruments)
Christopher Hogwood – conductor
Recording: St Jude’s Church, London, May / June 1985

CD 03
Act I
Scene I
01. Sinfonia
02. Aria- Blooming Virgins, Spotless Train
03. Chorus- The Rising World Jehovah Crown’d
04. Solo & Chorus- Tyrants Would In Impious Throngs
05. Recitative- When He Is In His Wrath Reveal’d

Scene II
06. Recitative- Your Sacred Songs Awhile Forbear

Scene III
07. Recitative- What Scenes Of Horror Round Me Rise!
08. Chorus- The Gods, Who Chosen Blessings Shed
09. Chorus- Cheer Her, O Baal
10. Aria- Gentle Airs, Melodious Strains!
11. Aria- Softest Sounds No More Can Ease Me
12. a Chorus- The Traitor If You There Descry

Scene IV
12. b Recitative- My Josabeth! The Greatful Time Appears
13. Aria- Faithful Cares In Vain Extended
14. Aria- Gloomy Tyrants, We Disdain

CD 04
Act II
Scene I
01. Chorus- The Mighty Pow’r
02. Aria- Through The Land So Lovely Blooming
03. a Aria- Ah, Canst Thou But Prove Me!

Scene II
03. b Recitative- Confusion To My Thoughts!
04. Aria- Will God, Whose Mercies Ever Flow
05. Aria- My Vengeance Awakes Me
06. a Duet- My Spirits Fail, I Faint, I Die!

Scene III
06. b Recitative- Dear Josabeth
07. Duet- Cease Thy Anguish, Smile Once More
08. Chorus- The Clouded Scene Begins To Clear

Scene I
09. Recitative- What Sacred Horrors Shake My Breast!
10. Chorus- Unfold, Great Seer, What Heav’n Imparts
11. Recitative- Let Harmony Breathe Soft Around
12. a Chorus- With Firm United Hearts

Scene II
12. b Recitative- O Princess, I Approach Thee
13. a Aria- Soothing Tyrant, Falsely Smiling!

Scene III
13. b Recitative- Apostate Priest! How Canst Thou Dare

Scene IV
13. c Recitative- O Bold Seducer, Art Thou There?
14. Chorus- Around Let Acclamations Ring
15. Aria- Oppression, No Longer I Dread Thee
16. Aria- Hark! His Thunders Round Me Roll
17. Aria- To Darkness Eternal

Scene The Last
18. Duet- Now, Josabeth, Thy Fears Are O’er!
19. Chorus- Give Glory To His Awful Name

1st Israelite – Paul Elliott
Ahasuerus – Anthony Rolfe Johnson
Officier – Andrew King
Israelite woman – Emma Kirkby
Esther – Patrizia Kwella
Priest – Drew Minter
Mordecai – Ian Partridge
Academy of Ancient Music
Conductor – Christopher Hogwood

CD 05
Scene I
01. a Ouverture
01. b Recitative- Tis Greater Far To Spare
02. Aria- Pluck Root And Branch From Out The Land
03. Chorus- Shall We The God Of Israel Fear?

Scene II
04. Aria- Tune Your Harps To Cheerful Strains
05. Chorus- Shall We Of Servitude Complain
06. Aria- Praise The Lord With Cheerful Noise
07. a Aria- Sing Songs Of Praise, Bow Down The Knee

Scene III
07. b Recitative- How Have Our Sins Provoked The Lord!
08. Chorus- Ye Sons Of Israel Mourn
09. a Aria- O Jordan, Jordan, Sacred Tide

Scene IV
09. b Recitative- Why Sits That Sorrow On Thy Brow?
10. Aria- Dread Not, Righteous Queen, The Danger
11. Aria- Tears Assist Me, Pity Moving
12. Chorus- Save Us, O Lord

CD 06
Scene V
01. Recitative- Who Dares Intrude Into Our Presence
02. Duet- Who Calls My Parting Soul From Death? Awake, My Soul, My Life, My Breath!
03. a Aria- O Beauteous Queen
03. b Recitative- If I Find Favour In Thy Sight
04. Aria- How Can I Stay When Love Invites
05. Chorus- Virtue, Truth And Innocence
06. a Arioso- Jehovah, Crown’d With Glory Bright
06. b Chorus- He Comes, He Comes To End Our Woes

Scene VI
06. c Recitative- Now, O Queen, Thy Suit Declare
07. Arioso- Turn Not, O Queen, Thy Face Away
08. a Aria- Flatt’ring Tongue, No More I Hear Thee!
08. b Recitative- Guards, Seize The Traitor
09. Aria- How Art Thou Fall’n From Thy Height!
10. a Chorus- The Lord Our Enemy Has Slain
10. b Chorus- For Ever Blessed Be Thy Holy Name
10. c Solo- Let Israel Songs Of Joy Repeat
10. d Chorus- For Ever Blessed Be Thy Holy Name
10. e Duet- The Lord His People Shall Restore
10. f Chorus- For Ever Blessed Be Thy Holy Name
10. g Duet- Mount Lebanon His First Resigns
10. h Chorus- For Ever Blessed Be Thy Holy Name

La Resurrezione
Soprano – Emma Kirkby – Angelo
Soprano – Patrizia Kwella – Maddalena
Contralto – Carolyn Watkinson – Cleofe
Tenor – Ian Partridge – San Giovanni
Bass – David Thomas – Lucifero
Chorus & Orchestra Of The Academy Of Ancient Music
Conductor – Christopher Hogwood

CD 07
Act 1
01. Sonata

Scene I
02. Disserratevi, O Porte D’Averno
03. Qual’insolita Luce
04. Ma Che Veggio?
05. D’amor Fu Consiglio
06. O Voi, Dell’Erebo

Scene II
07. Notte, Notte Funesta
08. Piangete, Sì, Piangete
09. Dolci Chiodi, Amate Spine
10. Quando È Parto Dell’Affetto
11. Naufragando Va Per L’onde
12. Così La Tortorella
13. Ho Un Non So Che Nel Cor

Scene III
14. Il Nume Vincitor

CD 08
Act 2
01. Introduzione

Scene I
02. Ecco Il Sol, Ch’esce Dal Mare

Scene II
03. Risorga Il Mondo
04. Di Rabbia Indarno Freme
05. Per Celare Il Nuovo Scorno
06. Impedirlo Saprò

Scene III
07. Per Me Già Di Morire

Scene IV
08. Vedo Il Ciel Che Più Sereno
09. Se Per Colpa Di Donna Infelice
10. Del Ciglio Dolente
11. Augelletti, Ruscelletti

Scene V
12. Caro Figlio!
13. Se Impassibile, Immortale
14. Diasi Lode In Cielo, In Terra

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