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Herreweghe: Lully – Armide (2 CD, APE)

Herreweghe: Lully - Armide (2 CD, APE)
Herreweghe: Lully - Armide (2 CD, APE)

Performer: Philippe Herreweghe
Composer: Jean-Baptiste Lully
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 2
Format: APE (image+cue)
Label: Harmonia Mundi
Size: 662 MB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: no

Disc 1:
01. Prologue: Ouverture
02. Prologue: La Gloire : “Tout doit céder dans l’Univers”
03. Prologue: Entrée
04. Prologue: Menuet. Gavotte en rondeau
05. Prologue: La Sagesse : “Suivons notre héros”
06. Prologue: Entrée
07. Prologue: Menuets I & II. Ch?ur :” Que dans le temple de mémoire”
08. Prologue: Ouverture (reprise)
09. Act I, Scene 1: Ritournelle. Phénice : “Dans un jour de triomphe”
10. Act I, Scene 1: Armide : “Un songe affreux m’inspire une fureur nouvelle”
11. Act I, Scene 2: Hidraot : “Armide, que le sang qui m’unit avec vous”
12. Act I, Scene 3: Marche. Hidraot & ch?ur : “Armide est encore plus aimable”
13. Act I, Scene 3: Rondeau. Phénice & ch?ur : “Suivons Armide”
14. Act I, Scene 4: Aronte : “O ciel ! O disgrâce cruelle !”
15. Act II, Scene 1: Artémidore : “Invincible héros”
16. Act II, Scene 2: Prélude. Hidraot : “Arrêtons-nous ici”
17. Act II, Scene 3: Prélude. Renaud : “Plus j’observe ces lieux”
18. Act II, Scene 4: Une naïade : “Au temps heureux où l’on sait plaire”
19. Act II, Scene 4: Prélude. Ch?ur : “Ah ! Quelle erreur !”
20. Act II, Scene 4: Airs I & II. Une bergère héroïque : “On s’étonnerait moins”
21. Act II, Scene 5: (Prélude) Armide : “Enfin, il est en ma puissance”

Disc 2:
01. Act III, Scene 1: Armide : “Ah ! Si la liberté me doit être ravie”
02. Act III, Scene 2: Armide : “Hélas ! C’est mon c?ur que je crains”
03. Act III, Scene 3: Armide : “Venez, venez, Haine implacable”
04. Act III, Scene 4: Prélude. La Haine : “Je réponds à tes v?ux”
05. Act III, Scene 4: La Haine & sa Suite : “Amour, sors pour jamais”. Air
06. Act III, Scene 4: La Haine : “Sors, sors du sein d’Armide”. Air
07. Act IV, Scene 1: Le Chevalier Danois, Ubalde : “Nous ne trouvons partout”
08. Act IV, Scene 1: Air
09. Act IV, Scene 2: Gavotte. Canarie. Ubalde : “Allons, qui vous retient encore ?”
10. Act IV, Scene 2: Lucinde : “Enfin, je vois l’Amant pour qui mon c?ur soupire”
11. Act IV, Scene 3: Ubalde : “Des charmes les plus forts” – Scène 4
12. Act V, Scene 1: Ritournelle. Armide, Renaud : “Armide, vous m’allez quitter !”
13. Act V, Scene 1: Passacaille
14. Act V, Scene 2: Renaud : “Allez, éloignez-vous de moi”
15. Act V, Scene 3: Prélude. Ubalde : “Il est seul”
16. Act V, Scene 4: Armide : “Renaud ! Ciel”
17. Act V, Scene 5: Armide : “Le perfide Renaud me fuit”
18. Act V, Scene 5: Armide : “Traître, attends, je le tiens, je tiens son c?ur perfide”

A powerful rendition of one of opera’s greatest moments.

Lully’s Armide is considered the highpoint of his collaboration with the librettist Quinault, and indeed all of France’s Tragedie Lyrique. This recording really brings out Lully’s genius. The structure is much different from Italian opera seria, for those of you who have gotten used to the endless alternation of recititative and aria–much more focus is put on the recitative aspect. When the arias do come, however, they pack an incredible dramatic wallop, beautifully illustrated in the end of act II with Armide’s aria “Venez secondez me desires” subsequent to her famous monologue “Enfin, il ist en ma puissance.” Herwegghe leads his ensemble in a virtually flawless and scintilating performance. The grand passacaile in act V is simply breathtaking. Guillame Laurens is incredibly powerful as the title role. This is a great recording. I highly recommend it for any fan of Baroque opera.

5 thoughts on “Herreweghe: Lully – Armide (2 CD, APE)”

  1. Dear Whatever,
    I do have a problem with playing back both cds. I already dl 3 times and extrcted them more than 10 times. when I try to play back my vlc player crashes.
    Am I missing any thing? Can you help me?

    By the way, do you have any of early recordings of Maazel (in particular R. Strauss)?

  2. Really? I had the image of cold Moscu, also in summer, but this is because i am in the other extreme of the planet…
    So this beautiful music is useful everywhere!
    I heard about Lully in my childhood but never had the oportunity to enjoy his compositions.
    Also this site music inspire my own compositions (i m a musician).
    So thank you “whatever” again for all the post!

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