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Hélène Grimaud (6 CD box set FLAC)

Hélène Grimaud (6 CD box set FLAC)
Hélène Grimaud (6 CD box set FLAC)

Performer: Hélène Grimaud
Audio CD
Number of Discs: 1
Format: FLAC (image+cue)
Label: Warner
Size: 1.23 GB
Recovery: +3%
Scan: yes

CD 01
Robert Schumann
Piano Concerto In A Minor, Op.54
01. Allegro Affettuoso
02. Intermezzo: Andantino Grazioso
03. Allegro Vivace

Richard Strauss
Burleske In D Minor
04. Allegro Vivace
05. Tranquillo
06. A Tempo. Sostenuto
07. Un Poco Animato. Quasi Cadenza

Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
David Zinman

CD 02
Johannes Brahms
Fantasien, Op.116
01. Capriccio – Presto Energico
02. Intermezzo – Andante
03. Capriccio – Allegro Passionate
04. Intermezzo – Adagio
05. Intermezzo – Andante Con Grazia

Fantasien, Op.116
06. Intermezzo – Andantino Teneramente
07. Capriccio – Allegro Agitato

Drei Intermezzi, Op. 117
08. Andante Moderato
09. Andante Non Troppo
10. Andante Con Moto

Klavierstuecke, Op.L 18
11. Intermezzo – Allegro Non Assai
12. Intermezzo – Andante Teneramente
13. Ballade – Allegro Energico
14. Intermezzo – Allegretto Un Poco Agitato
15. Romanze – Andante
16. Intermezzo – Andante, Largo E Mesto

Klavierstuecke, Op.L 19
17. Intermezzo – Adagio
18. Intermezzo – Andantino Un Poco Agitato
19. Intermezzo – Grazioso E Giocoso
20. Rhapsodie – Allegro Risoluto

CD 03
George Gershwin
Piano Concerto In F Major
01. Allegro
02. Adagio – Andante Con Moto
03. Allegro Agitato

Maurice Ravel
Piano Concerto In G Major
04. Allegramente
05. Adagio Assai
06. Presto

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra
David Zinman

CD 04
Johannes Brahms
Piano Concerto No.1 In D Minor, Op. 15
01. Maestoso
02. Adagio
03. Rondo – Allegro Non Troppo
04. Applause / Applaudissements / Applaus
(live recording)

Staatskapelle Berlin
Kurt Sanderling

CD 05
Ludwig Van Beethoven
Piano Concerto No.4 In G Major, Op.58
01. Allegro Moderato
02. Andante Con Moto
03. Rondo: Vivace

Piano Sonata No.30 In E Major, Op.109
04. Vivace Ma Non Troppo
05. Prestissimo
06. Gesangvoll, Mit Innigster Empfindung

Piano Sonata No.31 In A Flat Major, Op.L 10
07. Moderato Cantabile, Molto Espressivo
08. Allegro Molto
09. Adagio Ma Non Troppo – Fuga – Allegro Ma Non Troppo

New York Philharmonic
Kurt Masur

CD 06
Sergey Rachmaninov
Piano Concerto No.2 In С Minor, Op. 18
01. Moderato
02. Adagio Sostenuto
03. Allegro Scherzando
04. Prelude In G Sharp Minor, Op.32 No.12

Etudes-Tableaux, Op.33
05. No. 1: Allegro Non Troppo F Minor
06. No. 2: Allegro С Major
07. No. 9: Grave С Sharp Minor

08. Variations On A Theme Of Corelli, Op.42

Philharmonia Orchestra
Vladimir Ashkenazy

These recordings are some of the absolute best I have ever heard of these pieces, and I have heard a lot of them, since, most of them are, after all, war horses, i.e. basic staples of the classical music repertoire. Every single piece in this box-set is played beautifully, powerfully and with the utmost impressive musicality. Grimaud is obviously an artist who is not a “showman,” but a sensitive and passionate artist who brings her musicality and passion to everything she plays.

What I really like about this set is that it shows Grimaud off to maximum advantage by providing the listener with samples of Grimaud playing solo as well as with orchestras. This allows one to enjoy both her ability to collaberate with other musicians as well as accomplish the magic of excellent musicianship on her own.

Also, the pieces that comprise this set seem to have been chosen to not only represent a cross section of the basic piano repertory, but the giants of composition that penned them. So, for example, Beethoven is generously represented in command performances of his fourth concerto and two sonatas, Rachmaninoff, who was himself a master technician of the keyboard, is honored with his second concerto, variations on a theme of Corelli as well as solo pieces. Brahms, another titan, is represented with both his first concerto and an ample survey of fantasies, intermezzos and piano pieces. Finally, Grimaud does impeccable service to the concertos of Schumann, Gershwin, Ravel and even Richard Strauss (his “Burleske” is really a concerto for piano and orchestra). This index presents Grimaud in both early and late romantic German, Russian romantic and French music. To the degree that Gershwin’s music may be said to reflect what the French call “Le Hot Jazz,” that idiom may be enjoyed as well in his piano concerto.

Aside from the consumate artistry of Helene Grimaud, and the excellent musicianship of the orchestras and conductors who accompany her, another bonus of this set is its sound quality, which is excellent. In a word, I have no complaints against this set at all and can recommend it with five stars without any reservation! I expect the genius of Grimaud to reward my repeated listening of it for many years to come!

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